Which Country has the Longest Life Expectancy in the World

Life expectancy of a region is a rough estimate of how many years is a person born in a specific country or region expected to survive. Studies have depicted difference in life expectancy between men and women as women have been found out to have relatively greater life expectancy than men. If we speak of a worldwide number of years a person is expected to live on earth, an average person, regardless of gender, is likely to live for about 72 years according to World Health Organization’s Global Health Observatory (GHO) data. For males, the life expectancy is approximately 69.8 years whereas, in women, the life expectancy is around 74.2 years.
Specifically looking at WHO African region, the life expectancy shrinks down to 61.2 years and moving to the WHO European region, the life expectancy is 77.5 years, and the difference between the two areas is due to many factors. The gap between the life expectancy of men and women was found out to be 4.3 years back in 2000, and according to the facts and figures of GHO, it’s almost was same in 2016 at 4.4 years.

countries with most aged people in the world


Studying the data of different countries and estimating the average number of years a person lives in different areas of the world, The World Health Statistics 2017 show that Monaco has the highest life expectancy beating its competitors like Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Macau and Iceland having an average life expectancy of 83.1 – 85.3 years while in Monaco, the number skyrockets to around 89.4 years. Male life expectancy in Monaco is 85.6 years while in the female, it’s 93.5 years.
Monaco is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and one out of three Monacoians are millionaires, and it is the primary reason for the higher life expectancy of Monaco than any other country in the world as money buys you most of the things. With more money comes less stress. This might be because they don’t have the income tax in the country.
The primary reason for the highest life expectancy is the eating habits as their diet includes fish, fresh vegetables, whole grains and the limited amount of unhealthy fats. The system of income tax isn’t there, but still, they’ve managed to provide excellent health, social and educational system from the state funds.

top countries with most expectancy of long age


Japan secures the second spot in the countries with most life expectancy presenting an average life expectancy of 85.3 years. There are many reasons for the longevity in Japan’s life expectancy. From recent debates, it has been concluded that because of the lifestyle, social and genetic factors and issues, it’s almost impossible to come up with a single reason for Japan’s most life expectancy. Some say it’s because of the advanced medical facilities and a relatively better living standard in Japan. Experts also state that it’s because of the perfectly adequate diet and an accessible health care system.

Japanese people with most age

The researchers of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine Tokyo conducted a detailed study to investigate how the proper food a balanced food has a massive impact on the mortality rate of the country. Analyzing the food intake of average Japanese individual by taking questionnaires from about 36,624 men and around 42,920 women ranging in the age of 45 to 75 years, who didn’t show any symptoms of cancer, heart diseases, strokes, or other chronic diseases. These participants were studied and tested for 15 years.

Life Expectancy Rate By Country



RankCountryAge YearsRankCountryAge YearsRankCountryAge Years
5San Marino83.3080Aruba76.90155Moldova71.00
6Iceland83.1081Bosnia and Herzegovina76.90156Kyrgyzstan70.90
7Hong Kong83.0082Sri Lanka76.90157North Korea70.70
9Guernsey82.6084Antigua and Barbuda76.70159Turkmenistan70.40
11South Korea82.5086Georgia76.40161Bolivia69.50
18Norway81.9093Cook Islands76.00168Pakistan68.10
20Jersey81.9095Saint Kitts and Nevis75.90170Nauru67.40
21Canada81.9096Colombia75.90171Papua New Guinea67.30
27New Zealand81.30102China75.70177Togo65.40
28Cayman Islands81.30103Solomon Islands75.60178Sao Tome and Principe65.30
29Isle of Man81.30104Saint Vincent and the Grenadines75.50179Eritrea65.20
30Belgium81.10105Saudi Arabia75.50180The Gambia65.10
32Puerto Rico80.90107Northern Mariana Islands75.40182Comoros64.60
33Ireland80.90108Romania75.40183Equatorial Guinea64.60
35United Kingdom80.80110West Bank75.20185Sudan64.40
37Saint Pierre and Miquelon80.60112Lithuania75.00187Rwanda64.30
38Faroe Islands80.50113Turkey75.00188Haiti64.20
40Taiwan80.20115El Salvador74.90190South Africa63.80
41European Union80.20116Thailand74.90191Djibouti63.60
42Turks and Caicos Islands80.00117Iraq74.90192Western Sahara63.40
43United States80.00118Seychelles74.90193Mauritania63.40
44Wallis and Futuna79.80119Jordan74.80194Botswana63.30
45Saint Helena, Ascension, And Tristan DA Cunha79.60120Bulgaria74.70195Liberia63.30
49Virgin Islands79.40124Gaza Strip74.20199Senegal62.10
53British Virgin Islands78.80128Brazil74.00203Zimbabwe60.40
56Czechia78.80131Vanuatu73.70206Republic of the Congo59.80
57Cuba78.80132Vietnam73.70207Cote D’Ivoire59.00
58Costa Rica78.70133Nicaragua73.50208Cameroon59.00
59Albania78.50134American Samoa73.40209Sierra Leone58.60
60Curacao78.50135Palau73.40210Democratic Republic of the Congo57.70
61Dominican Republic78.30136Bangladesh73.40211Burkina Faso55.90
62Slovenia78.30137Marshall Islands73.40212Uganda55.90
63Sint Maarten78.30138Trinidad and Tobago73.10213Niger55.90
64Kuwait78.20139Federated States of Micronesia73.10214Nigeria53.80
65New Caledonia77.90140Fiji73.00215Mozambique53.70
66Saint Lucia77.90141Belarus73.00216Lesotho53.00
67Poland77.80142Egypt73.00217Central African Republic52.80
69United Arab Emirates77.70144Azerbaijan72.80219Zambia52.70
70Uruguay77.40145The Bahamas72.60220Swaziland52.10
71French Polynesia77.40146Greenland72.60221Gabon52.10
74Argentina77.30149Cabo Verde72.40224Chad50.60

stats about Worldwide life expectancy in men

statistics about Worldwide life expectancy in women

Worldwide life expectancy in men is 70 and that of women is 74

2North America7781
5Latin America7379

Low Life Expectancy:

Other aspect of the picture is, Chad is a country lying in north central Africa with a life expectancy as low as 50.1 years. Males in Chad live up to 49.4 years and female have a life expectancy of 51.9 years. The country is one of the poorest countries in the world, and more than 80 percent of the total population are lie below the poverty line. There are religious, political and ethnic issues too because of its location. The northern region of Chad is a desert and is full of natural resources, but they Chadians are not good at farming, so they fail to utilize it. Pollution is another factor which adds to the reasons for the low life expectancy of Chad.

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