Which Country has the Largest Population in the World

china-whichcountryThe most populous country in the world is China with 1,350 million recorded in 2010, representing 20% of the total  population of this planet. China’s population increases annually about 10 million people.

The world’s most populous country overcame the barrier of 1,000 million in 1980 and it is expected that by the year 2043 will reach 1.550 million, a figure which growth would stagnate.

And these numbers could have been much higher if family planning policies not  introduced by the Chinese authorities since 1971, since according to UN estimates, before entering this type of policy it was expected that China’s total number of  people will become more than1,600 million inhabitants in 2005.

These planning policies stipulated that urban families (who were living in cities) could only have a child, while families that were living in rural areas could have a second child male, if the first had been a woman. This is because in the countryside, rural force of man is more necessary than that of women. However, this and the fact that man can make better economic performance than women, has led to that currently born for every 100 women 105 men, indicating the existence of a high number of female abortions.
The amassing of the organisms from the similar classes or groups can be defined as the particular population of that breed. The interbreeding of the species is the key reason to the accretion and enlargement of population. Population when termed in sociology is a relatively different phenomenon. The human population refers to the statistical view of size, structure and division of the inhabitants while facing the effects and getting influenced by the death, birth, aging and movement or migration. The statistical study of world human populations is a whole subject termed as Demography.
The social science is a study of data, facts, rates, numbers and ratios etc. The equations of population, the nets and grosses, the fertility and mortality, the growth and reproduction, the birth and death, all are encompassed by the studies. The demographics have a number of various studies including Bio, Religious, Linguistic, Political and Historical etc. The World Bank sources accumulated the current world population to be just over seven billion (7.046 B).

Here is a view of the last 4 decades in view of population growth in the world.
1970: 3.687 billion
1980: 4.439 billion
1990: 5.279 billion
2000: 6.102 billion
2010: 6.885 billion

The net increase in the last four decades is:
2010-1970: 6.885-3.687= 3.198B

Now population in 2012: 7.046 billion which show an increase of 2012-2010=0.161B in the last two years.

The population estimates vary with the organizational statistics been given to the world but the unanimous number accumulated by the World Bank, United Nations and US Census Bureau is just over 7 billion. The United States Census Bureau entered a 7.186 billion figure in their papers.

Here is a tabulation of countries with highest population in the world as accumulated and aided by the official censuses, statistic bureaus and other annual and yearly estimations.

List: Top Ten Most Populated Countries in the World

RankCountryPopulationDate%of World Population
3United States318,690,00020144.43%
19Democratic Republic of Congo69,360,00020140.97%
22United Kingdom64,105,70020130.89%
24South Africa54,002,00020140.75%
26South Korea50,423,95520140.7%


Here is another tabulation of past, present and futuristic view of top 10 countries, their grown and growing population as estimated by US Census Bureau.

RankCountryPopulation (2000)Population 2010Population 2014Population 2050
3United States282,338,631310,232,863318,892,103439,010,253
Top ten countries3,618,894,8274,016,489,0824,176,380,2474,950,149,178
Rest of the World2,466,012,7692,829,120,8783,005,478,3724,306,202,522
Total World Population6,084,907,5966,845,609,9607,181,858,6199,256,342,700


China with 1,366,580,000 inhabitants is the most highly populated country in the world. People’s Republic of China measuring a land area of 3,705,407 sq mi with 22 fully governed provinces and a number of autonomous regions is the most populous country in the world. With breaking records in censuses and land the East Asian territory is the world’s second largest economy having a GDP (PPP) of $14.625 trillion, the second largest in the world just next to $17.528 trillion of United States of America.
as the death rate is decreasing day by day due to best medical facilities so each year our planet populates with large number of new human beings. below is a list of top ten countries with most population.

Q:Which country has the largest population in the world?

The most populous country in the world is China with 1,350 million recorded in 2010, representing 20% of the total world population. China’s population increases annually about 10 million people.

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