Which Country has Most International Tourism Arrivals

As much as the technological world has helped bridge the gap between people sitting across the either hemispheres in the world, it has also helped bring about a change where travel has become a non-issue for most. All it needs is a bit of saving and vacation days and most people in the world tend to go out and explore the world, even when it is in limited capacities. With the improvements in infrastructure and transport systems, along with Visa-free travel for people with stronger passports, the number of tourists have gradually increased by a large margin if you look at it historically. In 1950, the total number of international visitors was 278 million, and that number has more than quadrupled since then with 1186 million international tourist arrivals in 2015.

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Following are the countries that receive the most visitors.

10. Russia (31.3 million)

The largest country in the world is Russia, and even with the strict policies of Vladimir Putin, immigration has flourished in the country. Apart from the cultural places to visit all over the European and Asian part of Russia, cities like Barnaul, Moscow and Makhachkala also have active night life, resorts and casinos.

9. Mexico (32.1 million)

Mexico’s quota for annual international tourist visitors is even more astonishing when considered the fact that the country is on the warning list for travels in the itinerary of many other countries. Also, Mexico makes a lot of money from tourism with almost $17.8 billion in 2015 as earnings, ranking it among the top 20 tourist economies.

Which Country has Most International Tourism Arrivals

8. UK (34.4 million)

Most of the people that travel to the UK are from the other parts of the Europe. Even though the international tourist arrivals to the UK in 2015 rose from the 2014 figure of 32.6 million, it is worth noting that BRExit might hurt that number.

7. Germany (35 million)

Germany has had a steady increase in international tourists for the past three decades, and most of it is owed to the strong economy and the elite passport ranking of the country. Germany has a total of 16 states, all of which have unique cultural significance and are very important to attract the international tourists.

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6. Turkey (39.5 million)

Turkey is the only country in this list that has seen a decrease in foreign tourists from the year 2014 (39.8 million). The reason for that has been the attacks on Turkish soil by ambitious ISIS members as well as the brewing tension between the two countries. Still, Turkey has a vibrant night life and resorts along with a cultural influence with cities like Ankara and Istanbul as popular tourist destinations.

5. Italy (50.7 million)

The reason that Italy has been such a popular destination for decades is that the country has around 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites. The towns that remind of the old times like the Renaissance period and Alpine villages and valleys make it a beautiful tourist destination from all over the world.

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4. China (56.9 million)

China is a massive country with a huge shoreline and numerous ports. There are port cities in China that are not autonomous like Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen to name a few. That along with Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Chongqing plus the Great Wall make up popular destination for international tourists.

3. Spain (68.2 million)

The tourism sector in Spain has a lot to the cultural heritage along with the sports visitors as well. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia receive a lot of tourists because of international sports matches. These towns also have cultural significance and several sites that are ready to be explored.

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2. USA (77.5 million)

From the peaks and valleys of the Hollywood to the big city charm of New York, USA has abundant places from west to the east coast that are visited every year by millions of tourists. The USA also has the largest tourism economy in the world thanks to so many cultural sites and big cities all of the states.

Which Country has Most International Tourism Arrivals

Sr. No.NameNumber of International Visitors in Millions

1. France (84.5 million)

For many years France has been the cultural and fashion hub of Europe as well as the world. With the city of love, Paris, and others like Lyon, Marseille and Nice, France has a lot of tourist destination with one of the most beloved cuisines in the world.

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