Which Country has Highest Currency Value in the World

The economy of the country has a lot to do with the currency value. Basically, the process is that when the consumers observe that the economy is good, they spend more money on investment and purchasing which in terms goes to the company. As the companies get more money, they expand and start to generate more revenue and their growth produces tax for the government. When these companies pay more tax to the government, the government spends more money on the benefits of the country, and that is how the economy of the country improves.

Which Country has Highest Currency Value

Another factor that affects the currency value is the capital flow. When the country starts generating more foreign exchange, the value of the currency rises as the foreign investors have to convert their currency and that in terms strengthens the value of the currency.

Arabian countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman have the highest currency values, and the reason behind that is the stable and efficient economy of these rich countries.

Countries with Highest Currency Value:

Kuwaiti Dinar:

The currency of Kuwait is Dinar, and if we compare Kuwaiti dinar to the other currencies across the world, it has the highest currency value at this time. If we compare Kuwait’s currency with to the other currencies of the world we get the following results:

1 Kuwaiti Dinar = 3.30 United States Dollar.
1 Kuwaiti Dinar = 2.53 Pound Sterling.
1 Kuwaiti Dinar = 2.84 European Euro.

According to a statement by the world bank, Kuwait is the fourth most prosperous country in the entire world per capita.

Bahrain Dinar:

Bahrain is a country with 30 islands of the Arabian Gulf. The currency of Bahrain is also Dinar and the value of Bahrain Dinar at the second rank of the currencies with the highest value. Comparing Bahrain Dinar to USD, Pound Sterling and Euro, following are the stats.

1 Bahrain Dinar = 2.65 United States Dollar.
1 Bahrain Dinar = 2.03 Pound Sterling.
1 Bahrain Dinar = 2.28 European Euro.

Oman Riyal:

top currencies of teh world

Oman is basically an Arabian Peninsula country, and the quality of life is quite high. The economy of the country is quite stable and is progressing, that is why Riyal of Oman stands on the third position in the list of currencies with the highest value. It has even higher value than USD, GBP, and EUR.

1 Oman Riyal = 2.60 United States Dollar.
1 Oman Riyal = 1.99 Pound Sterling.
1 Oman Riyal = 2.24 European Euro.

Jordan Dinar:

On the east of Jordan River, lies Jordan. It is another country with the highest currency value and stands on the 4th rank of currencies with the most value. Towards the south of Jordan lies Saudi Arabia and Israel and Palestine lie towards the west of Jordan.

Jordan Dinar in comparison with other popular currencies:

1 Jordan Dinar = 1.41 United States Dollar.
1 Jordan Dinar = 1.08 Pound Sterling.
1 Jordan Dinar = 1.21 European Euro.

British Pound Sterling:

The currency of Great Britain is the pound and is the 5th most valuable currency in the world.

1 British Pound = 1.31 United States Dollar.
1 British Pound = 1.00 Pound Sterling.
1 British Pound = 1.11 European Euro.

The British currency was once a currency that was used in almost half of the world, and the currency was legally supplied to different sections of the world. After the World War II, the United States and the United Kingdom had an agreement, and the Pound was pegged with US Dollar at 1 £ = $4.03.

Top 10 Currencies in 2018

Stats about Top 10 Currencies in 2018

The table shows the top 10 countries with the highest currency values as compared to United States Dollar with their currency name:

Sr. No.CurrencyComparison to USD
1Kuwaiti Dinar3.30 USD
2Bahrain Dinar2.65 USD
3Oman Riyal2.60 USD
4Jordan Dinar1.41 USD
5British Pond1.31 USD
6Cayman Islands Dollar1.20 USD
7European Euro1.16 USD
8Swiss Franc1.01 USD
9US Dollar1.00 USD
10Australian Dollar0.74 USD

Countries with Lowest Currency Value:

The countries with the weak economy are found out to have the lowest currency value. The countries that have sluggish economic growth and have more imports than exports tend to lose the value of their currency. In the countries, the investors don’t wish to spend their money because of the weak economy and that in terms affect the currency value as the country fails to earn profitable foreign exchange.

Iranian Riyal:

The economy of Iran is way too weak, and the economic growth is also quite slow, and that is the reason why Iranian currency has the lowest value now.

Iranian Currency

Comparison with other currencies:

1 United States Dollar = 44,200.00 Iranian Dinar.
1 Britain Pound = 57,953.89 Iranian Dinar.
1 European Euro = 51,344.89 Iranian Dinar.

Vietnamese Dong:

Vietnamese Dong is the second weakest currency and following are the comparisons with other currencies:

1 United States Dollar = 23,337.85 Vietnamese Dong.
1 Britain Pound = 30,607.82 Vietnamese Dong.
1 European Euro = 27,112.75 Vietnamese Dong.

Indonesian Rupiah:

Rupiah is derived from the Indian Word ‘rupiya’ and is the official currency of Indonesia. The currency value so weak that it stands on 3rd in currencies with the lowest value.

1 United States Dollar = 14,447.65 Indonesian Rupiah.
1 Britain Pound = 18,972.71 Indonesian Rupiah.
1 European Euro = 16,816.85 Indonesian Rupiah.

Guinean Franc:

Guinea is another country with a low currency value, Franc is the official currency of the country and following is the comparison with other countries.

1 United States Dollar = 9,059.95 Guinean Franc.
1 Britain Pound = 11,845.21 Guinean Franc.
1 European Euro = 10,508.46 Guinean Franc.

Top 10 Lowest Currencies In 2018:

Top 10 Lowest Currencies In 2018

The table below shows the ten countries with the lowest currency value as compared to the United States Dollar with their currency name:

Sr. No.CurrencyComparison to 1 USD
1Iranian Riyal44,200.00
2Vietnamese Dong23,337.85
3Indonesian Rupiah14,477.65
4Guinean Franc9,059.95
5Laotian Kip8,450.35
6Uzbekistani Som7,807.30
7Sierra Leonean Leone7,705.00
8Paraguayan Guarani5,745.35
9Cambodian riel4,070.05
10Myanmar Kyat1,460.85


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