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There is a lot of discussion on the topic of female beauty, but in the case of the male beauty, there is not much hype. Like men have their preferences for women, women also have their preferences for the ideal men. They also have a list of things that they find attractive in men. The face structure and the skin tone varies according to the region you are living in. Take Chinese and Koreans for instance, they seem to have a peculiar face structure, and you can clearly tell that they are Chinese or Korean by just looking at their face. So in across the different regions of the world people tend to have a specific face structure.


Ranking of Men By Country

Down below is the sexiest nationalities of men according to the preferences of women on dating sites:.

Sr. No.Sexiest Men

Why Are Irish Handsome?

Irish men with their smiling and black hair are admired by women and with models and actors like Jamie Dornan and many others in the media industry. Women seem to have a thing for their strong face structure, and their smiling eyes are a turn on for them, so much that Irish men got their position on the top of the list!

Handsome men

Women also admire the accent of a man, and they find it attractive in men, so Irish men are also admired because of their accent.

Australian Men:

Australian men were on the top of the list last year, but this year, Irish took their place instead. Australian men are the second on the list of handsome men. They are admired by women for their sun-kissed skin and also their athletic bodies. This is because Australian men have an active lifestyle and they are conscious of fitness.

Why are Pakistani Men Admired?

Pakistani men are also a turn on for women, and there are many reasons behind that. First of all, with men like Zayn Malik, well known to be one of the handsome men in the media industry, Pakistani men made it to the 3rd place on the list of most handsome men. Some women also said that the Aussies, Irish, Americans look almost alike, but Pakistani men are quite different from them and women definitely find that attractive.

Pakistani Celebrities

Handsome Men In America

With men like Tommy Joe Ratliff, Adam Lambert and a lot of other models and actors, America got to the 4th place in the list and women do admire the American men like these.
Handsomeness in English Men
Well, English men with their class and their peculiar face structure are admired by women and women really do have a thing for these classy and handsome white men. Men like David Beckham and Charlie Hunnam are the most praised English men.

Countries With Sexiest Women:

Where there’s a men’s list, the women’s list also exists. With women like Kim Kardashian, Armenian women secured the first spot in the list.

Down below is the list of nationalities with sexiest women:



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