Which Is The Most Dangerous City in The World

Los Cabos, Mexico:

According to the official statistics provided by seguridadjusticiaypaz, Los Cabos is the most dangerous city in the world as the murder rate has been found out to be 111.33 per 100,000 population as per the studies of the year 2017. The crime rate has massively increased in the city over the last years, and the name of the city often shows up in the news alerts and crime reports. In the years 2017 and 2018, the resort town was in the news several times because of a chain of shocking murders. Drug trafficking has been increasing rapidly, and most of the crimes committed in the city are related to drug-related issues, trading conflicts and other fights between drug cartels. Although the tourists are not targeted as they have nothing to do with the drug-related issues but the crime rate is so drastic that the city has secured the first spot in the list of cities with most crime rates, and that is the reason why this city of Mexico is considered to be the most dangerous in the world.

Which Is The Most Dangerous City in The World

The increased violence rate in the Los Cabinos is basically related to the arrest of Drug lord Joaquib Guzman a.k.a. El Chapo back in 2016. The year 2017 was a nightmare for the city as the violence also targeted the most popular tourist attractions. In Cancun, some gunmen opened up fire at a nightclub, and the police found out six bodies hanging from the bridges on the famous highways of Los Cabos.

Caracas, Venezuela:

Looking down at the list, Caracas (Venezuela) comes on the second spot of cities with most murder rate and so it’s known to be the second most dangerous city in the world. The murder rate of the city is somewhat close to that of Mexico as about 111.19 people out of 100,000 are killed. Caracas was on the top of the list before, but in the past few years, Los Cabos has secured its spot, placing Caracas on second place. United Nations stated that this drastically increasing crime rate in the country is because of the poor political and economic environment in the country and due to poverty and irregular distribution of wealth, robbery, snatching and other pity thefts are common in here and adding to that the military has given an official order for the public that people should avoid going to public places at night as the people are often robbed, and their valuables are stole. The robbers and snatchers usually follow the kill first steal later method, and that’s why the murder rate is way too much. But according to the oppositions state that NGOs exaggerate the crime rate, and they manipulate the statistics.

Which Is The Most Dangerous City in The World

The crime rate increased drastically in the leadership of Hugo Chavez because of his mismanagement that caused institutional instability. The police is also not appropriately funded, and that’s why the crime rate has increased because the police department cannot work properly as it lacks funding from the government. Afterward, when Chavez died back in 2013, the country was considered as the most insecure nation in the world as stated by Gallup. Chavez’s successor took over after his death, and he ran the country with the same policies as Chavez, and the socioeconomic status of the country was massively affected. Petty thefts are way too much in the country is the amount of organized crime is not too much. But the homicide rate has skyrocketed in the past few years.

Stats About Which Is The Most Dangerous City in The World

Most Dangerous City in The World

per 100,000
1Los Cabos Mexico365328,245111.33
2Caracas Venezuela3,3873,046,104111.19
3Acapulco Mexico910853,646106.63
4Natal Brazil1,3781,343,573102.56
5Tijuana Mexico1,8971,882,492100.77
6La Paz Mexico259305,45584.79
7Fortaleza Brazil3,2703,917,27983.48
8Ciudad Victoria Mexico301361,07883.32
9Ciudad Guayana Venezuela728906,87980.28
10Belém Brazil1,7432,441,76171.38
11Vitória da Conquista Brazil245348,71870.26
12Culiacán Mexico671957,61370.10
13St. Louis United States205311,40465.83
14Maceió Brazil6581,029,12963.94
15Cape Town South Africa2,4934,004,79362.25
16Kingston Jamaica7051,180,77159.71
17San Salvador El Salvador1,0571,789,58859.06
18Aracaju Brazil560951,07358.88
19Feira de Santana Brazil369627,47758.81
20Ciudad Juárez Mexico8141,448,85956.16
21Baltimore United States341614,66455.48
22Recife Brazil2,1803,965,69954.96
23Maturín Venezuela327600,72254.43
24Guatemala City Guatemala1,7053,187,29353.49
25Salvador Brazil2,0714,015,20551.58
26San Pedro Sula Honduras392765,86451.18
27Valencia Venezuela7841,576,07149.74
28Cali Colombia1,2612,542,87649.59
29Chihuahua Mexico460929,88449.48
30João Pessoa Brazil5541,126,61349.17
31Obregón Mexico166339,00048.96
32San Juan Puerto Rico169347,05248.70
33Barquisimeto Venezuela6441,335,34848.23
34Manaus Brazil1,0242,130,26448.07
35Distrito Central (Tegucigalpa) Honduras5881,224,89748.00
36Tepic Mexico237503,33047.09
37Palmira Colombia144308,66946.65
38Reynosa Mexico294701,52541.95
39Porto Alegre Brazil1,7484,268,08340.96
40Macapá Brazil191474,70640.24
41New Orleans United States157391,49540.10
42Detroit United States267672,79539.69
43Mazatlán Mexico192488,28139.32
44Durban South Africa1,3963,661,91138.12
45Campos dos Goytacazes Brazil184490,28837.53
46Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) South Africa4741,263,05137.53
47Campina Grande Brazil153410,33237.29
48Teresina Brazil315850,19837.05
49Vitoria Brazil7071,960,21336.07
50Cúcuta Colombia290833,74334.78

Safest City in the World:

Contrary to the danger there are some other cities in the world that are safe to reside. Tokyo, Japan is the safest city in the world according to Safe Cities Index 2017 provided by The Economist with an overall score of 89.8. There are many reasons for Tokyo being the safest and the major one is that the digital security is way too efficient out there are the systems are less centralized which in terms decreases the vulnerability of the systems. Adding to that the violence rates are low as everyone follows the rules and there is the spirit to maintain the harmony of the country. Tokyo has laid a significant focus on the security of females. Most of the hotels provide women-only floors to offer more safety and comfort. Adding to that the healthcare facilities are efficient and the city has the latest medical treatment and diagnosis technology. The food standards are extremely high to ensure the health and hygiene.

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