The Modern Game of Golf was Invented In Which Country

The modern game of golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. But there’s still much debate on the topic of ancient origins of the golf. The first official record of golf was from 1457. It was banned by James II as it seemed to a distraction from learning archery. Later on, James IV was the one to lift the ban in 1502 as he started playing golf himself and bought the first set of clubs from Perth. The Royal Court changed from the palace to palace back in the days. The Falkland Palace was known to be the Stuart Sporty Palace. Other expenditures on gold and it’s accessories are noted when the King was in Edinburgh or Stirling back in 1506.

golf history

John Hamilton who was the Archbishop back then was handed over a charter to make a rabbit warren on the northern part of the links. According to the Charter, the local people had the right to play on the links at St. Andrews. These rights were later affirmed by the local and royal charters. Later there were records in the Kirk Sessions in St Andrews according to which, the sinners were taken to play on ‘Golf Fields’ on Sunday.

Students of Golf:

St. Andrews was founded in the year 1413, and Sir Gilbert was one of the earliest graduates of the institute. He is known to be the first one to use the word ‘golf’ in one of his poems that was written in 1460. The first noted student to be a golfer at St. Andrews was in 1574 and golf clubs, and golf balls are written in the diary of James Melville. He was a student of Theology from 1571 to 1574, but according to college entrance records, he was enrolled in 1569. James Melville was provided will all the necessary equipment of ‘golf and archery.’ Bishop George Graham was also associated with golf while he was a religious student at St. Andrews. He graduated in 1588.

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James the fourth was the one who made education compulsory for the landowning community. This step was carried out because he wanted some literate elite people that could help him in running the country. So the sons of landowners and aristocrats were admitted to St. Andrews where they were also taught golf and archery along with Latin and religious studies.

A standard 18-hole golf course was crafted at St Andrew’s as the members modified the 22-hole golf course to 18-hole. Musselburgh Links, East Lothian is known to be the oldest golf course in the world, and it’s noted in the Guinness World Record as the oldest one. The prior rules of golf that had somehow survived were compiled for the Company of Gentleman Golfers back in March 1744, and the company was renamed to The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, and it was played at Leith Scotland. The first Open Championship held at Prestwick Golf Club located in Ayrshire Scotland, on 17th October 1860 was the oldest golf tournament in the history. In this championship, Scottish golfers won the earliest majors.

Golf was demonstrated in the US in 1888 by two players from Scotland, Robert Lockhart and John Reid. They set up a hole in an orchard in US and Ried was the one to set up America’s first golf club in the same year, and it was named Saint Andrews Golf Club, Yonkers, New York.

Golf Course:

Speaking of golf course infrastructure, a golf course either has 9 or 18 holes but the one with nine holes is more common, and that can be played twice. The older golf course in Scotland laid on the land covered with soil on the sand dunes which were inland from the beaches. The very first 18-hole golf course was established on a sheep farm in Downers Grove, Illinois back in 1892. The course still exists today.

stats about Golf Courses in Countries

Golf Courses in Countries.

Here’s the list of countries along with the number of golf courses:

CountryNumber of Courses%
South Africa5122%
South Korea4471%
New Zealand4181%
Rest of the world4,11012%

Scoring In Golf:

The goal is to keep the number of strokes as low as possible. The number of strokes in a hole, course or a tournament is put in comparison with the par score and then is noted as the number that the player was under or over par and in some cases, it can also be equal to par. If a player successfully puts the ball in the cup in a single stroke from the tee, it’s called the hole in one or also called ‘ace.’

Numeric termNameDefinition
−4Condorfour strokes under par
−3Albatross (Double Eagle)three strokes under par
−2Eagletwo strokes under par
−1Birdieone stroke under par
EParequal to par
+1Bogeyone stroke over par
+2Double bogeytwo strokes over par
+3Triple bogeythree strokes over par

Basic forms of golf matches are match play and stroke play. However, stroke play is more common.

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