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Second World war is known to be the major event that transformed the world altogether. Millions of soldiers participated in the war, and there were millions of casualties. About 60 to 80 million soldiers and civilians died during the war. The primary reason why World War II happened was the presence of 2 major powers having different ideologies. Both the powers had conflict in their point of view regarding the world. Sometimes Word War II is also portrayed as a conflict between good and evil, but that isn’t true. Both the conflicting parties had their own practical motives that they were fighting for.

The two major powers in the conflict were the Allies and the Axis. Allies included Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, and France. On the other hand, the Axis Powers included Germany, Japan, and Italy.

People mostly know about the motives and the strategy of the allied forces but why did the Axis fight with the Allies, what was their motive?

Axis powers did lose the war from the Allied Powers, but they left an unchangeable imprint upon the face of the earth. Axis are well known for their destructive role in the War.

Conflicting Ideologies:

warld war two

The conflicting ideologies between the two major powers lead to a major war that changed the history once and forever. One of the groups believed in imperialism and expansionism while on the other hand, the Allies raised the voice in support of Democracy and Freedom. So these entirely different ideas lead to the formation of two major groups and every country or state had to be one of the two groups. Which implies that each nation was bound rather to act or die

The primary reason why the Axis powers strengthened together was the mutually shared ideology and vision of imperialism and expansionism. Their motive was just to expand their territories in the traditional manner. While on the other hands the Allies were in favor of democracy and freedom.

Another reason that initiated World War II was that Germany was the leader of Axis group and as it lost in the World War I, it had to face humiliation and loss, so they wanted to reclaim the glory that they had lost and wanted to regain their position of leadership in the world. Some other countries supported Germany for the cause.

The Major Axis Powers: What Motivated Them?


Germany had a major role in the Axis power and the reasons that lead Germany to go to war and choose violence over peace, have their significance. Historians looked up into the events of past to determine the reasons that induced Germany to choose Battle, and they’ve concluded that there are several reasons behind this act and we can’t conclude that a single option led to this, but all the reasons combined give us a complete picture.

The Rise of the Nazi Party:

The Nazi party had an essential in leading Germans and the other Axis power to war. Hitler wrote about his vision of how Germany could dominate in his book Mein Kampf. This lead to conflict between Axis and Allied powers as Axis wanted domination and were not in the favor democratic system. But there was no chance that the Nazis could have risen to power if not for two other reasons and these factors motivated Germany to choose war.

German Humiliation after the First World War:

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Germany had to face humiliation and loss after it’s defeat in the first world war and apart from embarrassment, Germans also had to consider the biased and unjust conditions of the Treaty of Versaille. Germans had to spend a lot of money on the reparation of war damage, and they also had to return the acquired territories as a result.

The whole German nation was so humiliated that they needed to get back their lost glory.

The Economic Malaise:

As they had to pay a tremendous amount of money to the European countries after the First World War, Germany had to face one of the worst economic crises in the history of the country. So they had aggression growing inside due to the tensed situations. The anger of the German nation influenced the Nazis to stand up for themselves and fight to get back the power and most importantly, the glory that they had lost.

The estimated count of military men killed in the war was about 5.3 million and approximately 3.3 million civilians were killed during World War II. The total casualty count was around 8.6 million.


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The reason why Italy went to war and grouped up with Germany and other Axis Powers was that Benito Mussolini wasn’t in favor of the western democratic system and freedom. He wanted to conquer more territories and gain control of them to expand the area of Italy in order to lead his nation towards glory. The goal was to obtain more territories so that people the Italian nation could get even more comfortable. The primary reason was that Italy also wanted to be an autocratic power.
To achieve their goals, Italy had a master plan to get hold of the land in North Africa. Italy was condemned by the Allied powers and many other countries as it went to war with Ethiopia back in 1935 with a primary objective to acquire the land for its own advantage. The attacks by Italy in Africa and the ambitions to be the ruling power were the primary reasons why the country and it’s leader felt the need to collaborate with the Axis Bloc to get even more strength.
The estimated count of military men and civilians killed during World War II is 457,000 of which 301400 were military personnel.


countries with most deaths in world war two

The primary goal of Japan was to territorially and politically dominate the East Asian region, and that implies that the ambition of Japan was in the favor of expansionism and imperialism which made it a perfect fit for the Axis bloc. Japan had a traditional rivalry with China, and that lead it to collaborate with the other Axis powers to obtain more strength.

During the War, a region of China, Manchuria was invaded by the Japanese army, and the west saw it as an act of disturbance and aggression. This was a significant milestone for Japan as it separated Japan from the west and Japan had the perfect opportunity to join the Axis powers and protect its interests in doing so.

The Second World War caused major destruction and resulted in an unimaginable bloodshed in the European region. There were many conflicts behind this, and these conflicts lead to the formation of Europe in the way we see it today. These events gave rise to a commitment in Europe to refrain from armed conflict in the future.

Japan also had to face nuclear bombings in return. The US, being a significant power in the Allied block fired an atomic bomb on Hiroshima (Japan) on 6th August 1945. Later on, another nuclear weapon was launched upon Nagasaki that destroyed about 60% of the city, killing 35,000 people
The total death count was around 2.7 million including the civilian and military casualties.

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