Country with Lowest Life Expectancy Due to Healthcare Problems

Life expectancy in a country or a region is an approximate amount of the years, a person born in the specific country expected to live. Studies have shown variation in life expectancy between men and women and have depicted that women tend to have relatively much more life expectancy than that of men. Speaking of worldwide amount of years that a person is expected to survive on planet earth, an average person, whether male or female, is expected to survive for approximately 72 years as per the studies of World Health Organization’s Global Health Observatory (GHO) data. In males, the life expectancy is about 69.8 years whereas, in women, the life expectancy is about 74.2 years.

Women live little longer than men, and different scholars present different theories on this aspect. Some say that women are biologically stronger than men while some other hands say that men are involved in more hazardous professions. Adding to that men usually some, drink and drive relatively more than women and that’s why they have an overall low lifespan.

Countries with lowest life expectancy:

Stats about Countries with lowest life expectancy

Down below is a list of countries in which life expectancy is way too low as compared to other regions:

Sr. NoCountryLife Expectancy At Birth
2LESOTHO53.00 2017 EST.
4SOMALIA52.80 2017 EST
5ZAMBIA52.70 2017 EST.
6SWAZILAND52.10 2017 EST
7GABON52.10 2017 EST.
10CHAD50.60 2017 EST

Reasons For Low Life Expectancy

There is a major reason why these countries have a low life expectancy, and that is because the standard of living is low or some may say poor. These countries have an unstable economy. Adding to that the hygiene and health facilities also have a massive impact on the life expectancy of a country and due to poor hygiene and inadequate health facilities and diagnostic technologies, the life is expectancy is lower. For example, if we look at Japan, the life expectancy is higher in Japan because the health and hygiene facilities are pretty good and they also have latest healthcare equipment which helps in diagnosing and treating health issues properly.

low life expectancy

Due to the poor health and famine, many African and some Asian countries are affected. AIDS has become a major problem at this time and has sufficiently decreased the life expectancy in many countries.

Lowest Life Expectancy Of Chad

The Republic of Chad is a landlocked region, and that is why the transportation cost is way too high in the region. Oil export plays a major role in the economy of Chad. In the region, an average person is expected to live for approximately 50.6 years, and if we specifically speak of the two genders, males are expected to survive for 49.4 years and females have a life expectancy of 51.9 years as per the studies conducted in the year 2017.

It is the fifth largest country in the African Region that has an unbalanced structure, and there are other internal conflicts. The country suffers from excessive poverty, and health conditions are extremely unfavorable.

The migration of refugees from Sudan caused many problems for Chad, and due to this, the hygiene and health conditions got even worse as around 2 million people migrated. The country couldn’t afford to support them, and they had to face malnutrition in the unfavorable climate conditions.

Life Expectancy of GUINEA-BISSAU:

Just like the other sub-Saharan countries, this is also a country with low life expectancy and the reason behind is that the health and hygiene facilities are way too outdated. The primary concern in the region is malaria, and the healthcare facilities and medications are not adequate due to which the country faces many problems. Adding to that the lack of supply of mosquito nets, malaria turns out to be more deadly, and every year many people lose their life because of this problem.

Looking into the details, there are only five doctors to per 100,000 population. So getting medical attention and getting doctor’s appointment is a luxury that not every person in the country can afford.

gender stats of life expectancy


So that sums up the fact that life expectancy is low in these countries majorly because the health issues are way too much and these regions cannot afford to improve healthcare facilities which caused these problems to get more severe.

Reasons for High Life Expectancy:

On the other hand, there are other countries like Japan and Monaco in which the healthcare facilities are at their best.


Monaco almost has a population of 30,645, and most of the people residing in Monaco are Roman Catholics, 55% of the total population are Roman Catholics. The life expectancy in Monaco is about 89.4 years. Males live up to 85.6 years, and the females in Monaco live up to 93.5 years. Comparing to the other countries of the world, Monaco has the lowest life expectancy.

list of countries with high life expectancy

Down below is the list of countries with high life expectancy:

Sr. NoCountryLife Expectancy At Birth
1Monaco89.40 2017 EST
2Japan85.30 2017 EST.
3Singapore85.20 2017 EST
4Macau84.60 2017 EST
5San Marino83.30 2017 EST.
6Iceland83.10 2017 EST
7Hong Kong83.00 2017 EST.
8Andorra82.90 2017 EST.
9Guernsey82.60 2017 EST.
10Switzerland82.60 2017 EST

One of the reasons for the high life expectancy in Monaco is that it is a wealthy country and also that it is a Mediterranean country and the diet of the habitats is adequate. They consume fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and their intake contains fewer fats.

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