Linguistically Diverse Countries in the World with Index

In the world, there are more than 7000 languages. Of these total 7000, 50 languages are such that they are globally spoken and well-known in most of the world. The rest of the languages are specific to a certain region. These languages are spoken in the certain country or a certain area according to the ethnicity. Most of the countries have an international language, and that doesn’t mean that only one language is spoken in the countries, rather there are many other languages of people of different areas. The linguistic diversity index is commonly known as the measure of diversity in a country, i.e. how much of variety exists in a country. If the index is zero in a country that points out to the fact that only one language is spoken in the country.

Top 20 Linguistically Diverse countries:

Top 20 Linguistically Diverse countries

Down below is a list of top 20 countries with the highest linguistic diversity index:

Sr. No.CountryIndex
1 Papua New Guinea.990
2 Vanuatu.972
3 Solomon Islands.965
4 Tanzania.965
5 Central African Republic.960
6 Chad.950
7 Democratic Republic of the Congo.948
8 Cameroon.942
9 India.930
10 Mozambique.929
11 Uganda.928
12 Gabon.919
13 Côte d’Ivoire.917
14 Liberia.912
15 Angola.901
16 Kenya.901
17 Togo.897
18 Timor-Leste.897
20 Nigeria.870

Papua New Guinea: The most linguistically diverse country:

On the top of the list of top 20 most linguistically diverse countries, Papua New Guinea is on the top of the list with an index value of .990. In the country, there are people speaking 852 total languages, and that number is four times higher than the number of languages spoken in the entire Europe. Of the total 852 languages, 840 are still being used by people for communication while 12 of them are almost extinct. The two most important languages in the region include English and Tok Pisin. English is spoken by only 2% of the population.


different languages

The population of Vanuatu is quite small as only 290,000 people live in the country but still, there are 113 total languages in the region, and that makes Vanuatu second on the list with an index of 0.972. if we roughly divide the number of languages by the total population in the country, the result is 2560, i.e. 2560 people speak the same language. The literacy rate in the region is quite higher, up to 84% which also points out to the fact that most of the people in the region can speak English, French or both of them. Of the 113 languages, two languages are extinct whereas 109 of them are indigenous. Ten of these languages are such that they will be extinct or dying languages. The secondary official language of the region is Bislama.

Top 10 countries that are less Linguistically Diverse:

Down below is the list of countries where diversity is less, and there are only one or two languages that are spoken in the country.

Sr. No.CountryIndex
4Saint Helena None
5Vatican CityNone
8Hong KongNone
10North KoreaNone


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