Lenovo Belongs to Which Country

Lenovo is a multinational technology company based in China with its headquarters in Beijing and Morrisville, United States. The company designs and produces, and sells PCs, Tablets, Laptops, Smartphones and a large range of other electronic gadgets and accessories. The company started from a two-room guardhouse in Beijing back in 1984, and now it is it’s one of the Fortune 500 companies and the biggest manufacturer of Personal Computers. The company achieved success in a small time frame and in fact, it was the world’s largest pc seller by unit sales from 2013 to 2015.

lenovo products

The company was built to bring innovation with an entrepreneurial spirit, and these virtues got even stronger when Eric Mok was made the global company secretary of the firm back in 2005. After a short interval, Lenovo took control of the Personal Computer Division of IBM with a 1.25 Million Dollar deal. This was a great turning point for the country and now was the time for the company to transform from a local Chinese company to a global corporation. Eric Mok said that it was the most challenging time for them as the transformation did have too much to offer but required a lot of hard work and planning.

The company always has it’s head in the game to bring innovation in the field of technology, and CFO of the company recently gave a statement that Lenovo will be one of the players to bring 5G technology. The chief financial officer said that it is quite challenging and that they have been working on this for a while now and they can now claim that they would be one of the countries to introduce 5G to the world.


Lenovo Thinkpad

ThinkPad is a subdivision of the company whose primary objective is to produce black boxed business-oriented laptops. ThinkPad were previously manufactured and sold by IBM, but after Lenovo took over the control of personal computers division of IBM, the ThinkPads came under the name of Lenovo in 2005. The brilliant factor about this ThinkPad machine is that they’ve been used in space and these are only laptops that are certified to be used in International Space Station.

Think Center:

Think Center was also started initially and introduced by IDM, but when Lenovo acquired IBM’s Personal computers division, these systems are sold and manufactured and sold under Lenovo’s name. These series are basically business-oriented desktops with mid-range and high range prices according to the specifications of the system.

Think Station

Think Station is a series by Lenovo that is basically focused on making better and work friendly workstation for working on software that requires faster processing and rendering capabilities. The company started making these high-end computers back in 2008 and Think Station S10 was the very first product of the series.

Idea Pad:

Lenovo Idea Pad

Idea Pad series was announced by Lenovo in 2008, and the concept of the series was to provide better user experience, and these laptops were quite different from the Think Pad series. The series was basically started to focus more on customer experience using wide display and more specification rather than on the business class style. So these laptops had a better shape and stylish bodies. The series was in competition with the Aspire, Pavilion, Satellite and XPS series.

Idea Pad has different series that differ in design, and they are listed below:

Yoga Series: Convertible devices for entertainment.

Y-Series: Laptops equipped with high-end specifications for gaming and multimedia.

Z Series: Basically made for entertainment with midrange specs to maintain the price.

Flex Series: A series of laptops having a better battery life and favorable for multimode usage.

U-Series: Laptops for everyday use having better design and outlook.

A Series: Devices based on the Android operating system



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