Largest Producer of Electricity ( Production Ranking By Countries)

Electricity has now become the basic necessity of life as we need it to power our electric appliances and lots of other things. Electricity is an integral part of our advanced and modern world, one of the most powerful and most consumed and important technologies in our daily life; we cannot run our industries, schools, factories, business departments, even we cannot perform any essential tasks without this great innovation. So due to its importance & usability in our daily life, its consumption rate has also increased in all parts of the world which lead us to find and enhance the resources of more current production. When it comes to the global electricity generation, the U.S energy department is predicted to be strongest from 2004 to 2030.

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China Produces The Most Electricity in the World:

China is the largest producer of electricity, and no other country produces as much electricity as China does. China is the most populated country in the entire world, and with a large number of population count, there is a need for large-scale production of electricity to feed the 1.379 billion population. The country is lucky to be rich with natural resources. Gold, Diamonds, Silver and Coal are the major natural resources of the country. China has sufficient amount of resources and production setup to produce 6,142,000,000,000 KWh of electricity.

Sources of Electricity in China:

Sources of Electricity in China

Most of the electricity in China is produced from coal. The table below shows the sources of electricity production and their percentage:

Sr. NoSources of Electricity GenerationPercentage Production
2Hydro power22%
6Oil 3%
7Natural Gas3%

United States: The Second Largest Producer of Electricity:

The United States is a technologically and economically advanced country, and the production requirement is quite high. The United States is the second largest producer of electricity, producing about 4,088,000,000,000 KWh of electricity as per the statistics of the year 2015. Coal is the primary source of electricity production in the country, and giant thermal power plants are installed to produce electricity to the keep the lights on.

European Union: The Third Largest Electricity Producing Country

European Union comes third on the list of countries that produce most electricity in the world. As per the studies of 205, it produced 3,043,000,000,000 KWh of electricity. About 48.7% of the total electricity in the EU was produced by the combustible fuels including natural gas, coal and oil. The nuclear production also has a significant share in electricity production. About 27 to 29% of the total electricity was supplied by the nuclear power plants.

Countries Producing Most electricity

Countries Producing Most electricity

Down below is a list of countries that produce most electricity:

Sr. No.Country NameProduction of Electricity (KWH)Year
1China6,142,000,000,000  2016
2United States4,088,000,000,000                                 2015
3European Union3,043,000,000,000                                 2015
4India1,289,000,000,000                                 2015
5Russia1,008,000,000,000                                 2015
6Japan976,300,000,000                                   2015
7Canada643,200,000,000                                   2015
8Germany 588,500,000,000                                   2015
9Brazil578,900,000,000                                   2016
10France536,100,000,000                                   2015
11South Korea528,100,000,000                                   2016
12Saudi Arabia318,000,000,000                                   2015
13United Kingdom309,800,000,000                                   2015
14Mexico292,700,000,000                                   2015
15Italy269,300,000,000                                   2015
17Iran265,100,000,000                                   2015
18Taiwan264,100,000,000                                   2016
19Turkey245,800,000,000                                   2015
20Australia237,900,000,000                                   2015

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