Country Which has Hosted the Most Modern Olympic Games

Olympic Games were basically initiated in the ancient time by Greeks and were basically organized in honor of Zeus. But the ideology has changed since 700 B.C. Now the Olympic Games are held in countries all across the world, and every nation can register itself in the list for organizing and managing the future events.

In 123 years, not every nation on the map got the chance to organize the modern Olympic. Organizing and hosting summer Olympics thrice and winter Olympics once, Asia has the most number of hosting the event.

Olympic Games are held separately in Summer and also in Winter. Till now the total organized Summer Olympic Games are 28 and the total organized Winter Olympic Games are 23. There was a schedule of organizing three summer games and two winter Olympic games that were canceled later on due to the in favorable circumstances.

For the upcoming events, it has been planned that which countries will host the Olympic Game in the future. As per the announcements made by International Olympic Committee, the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Turkey, 2022 Winter Olympics will be hosted by Beijing, for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games Paris has been chosen, and Los Angeles will host 2028 Summer Olympics.

Which country hosted the most olympic games

After the Summer Olympics in Beijing, Beijing will become the only city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics. The official Olympics have been held 30 times in Europe, 12 times in the North American region and around six times in Asia. Of the total number of events, Olympics were also held in Oceania twice. In a South American area, the Olympics were held for the first time in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

Looking at the official stats, no Olympic games are held in the African continent. There are other geographic regions that also haven’t organized or hosted any event. They include the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, the Caribbean and South East Asia.

If we separately look at the Summer and Winter Olympics, the United States has the most number of organized Olympic games as it has hosted 4 Summer Olympics and 4 Winter Olympics. As the host cities for next seven years are decided by the International Olympics Committee in advance, the upcoming Summer Olympics of 2028 will be held in Los Angeles, US.

Summer Olympics Hosted By United States:

Summer Olympics were held in the United States for the first time in 1904. It was officially named ‘Games of III Olympiad’ and was an international multi-sport event, organized in St. Louis, Missouri. It started on 29th August and came to an end on the 3rd of September 1904. This was the very first time the Olympics were held somewhere outside of the European continent. A total of 12 nations participated in the event, and there were around 651 athletes including 645 men and six women. The event was organized similarly to the previous season of Olympic. The games continued for about four months, and there were only 42 events in which non-US participants actually participated.

Olympics in America

Once again in 1932, Summer Olympics were held in the United States and were officially named ‘Games of the X Olympiad.’ It was a huge multi-sport event held in Los Angeles, California. Due to the Great Depression worldwide, many countries didn’t participate in the fair. Due to the critical issues, President Herbert Hoover couldn’t also appreciate the event.

When the selection of the host city was in process, there were no other candidates, and Los Angeles was the only one to bid for organizing the Olympics. As it was the only one, so it was selected for Summer Olympics 1932. Due to the negligence of the organizing committee, there wasn’t any record of the total profit, but contemporary newspapers claimed that an estimated profit of $1,000,000 was yielded.

For the third time, Summer Olympics were hosted by the United States in the Los Angeles in 1984. The event was officially named ‘Games of the XXIII Olympiad.’ As California was the homeland of President Ronald Reagan, he especially came to the event and opened the Olympiad. 14 eastern countries, including the Soviet Union and East Germany, officially announced to boycott the event in response to the American-led Boycott of 1980 Summer Olympics. The event is said to be the most profitable as it yielded a recorded profit of more than $200 Million.

For the fourth time in history, summer Olympics were held in the United States. Officially named ‘Games of XXVI Olympiad,’ the event was held in Atlanta, Georgia. A total of 197 nations participated in it, and there were around 10,300 athletes including 6797 men and around 3500 women. The biddings included the states of Athens, Belgrade, Manchester, Melbourne, and Toronto. The bid of Atlanta was said to be a long shot as the US had already hosted Summer Olympics 12 years earlier. The opening ceremony was held on 9th July, and closing ceremony was held on 4th August.

Winter Olympics Hosted By United States:

Officially known as ‘III Olympic Winter Games,’ 1932 Winter Olympics were held in Lake Placid, New York. It was a massive multisport event in which 17 nations participated, and 252 players including 231 men and 21 women from all different countries participated. Lasting 14 days, the opening ceremony of the event was on 4th February and was closed in on 15th February. The event was officially opened by Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt. Events like bobsleight, ice hockey, Skating, Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Nordic Skating, Ski Jumping and many others winter sports were held. Being the host, United States also won 6 gold medals, four silver medals, and two bronze medals.

The 1960 Winter Olympics was also held in the United States and was officially known as ‘VIII Olympic Winter Games.’ Squaw Valley was officially selected for 1960 Winter Olympics in 1956 in a meeting of OIC. A total of 30 nations participated in the event from which 665 athletes came over. There were basically 27 events and four sports. The opening ceremony was held on 18th February and was closed on 28 February. Vice President Richard Nixon especially appeared to open the ceremony. Games included Biathlon, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Cross-country Skiing, Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping. The Soviet Union won a total of 21 medals including seven gold, five silver, and nine bronze medals.

winter olympics in America

In 1980 Winter Olympics were held in again at the same spot as in that of Winter Olympics 1932. The event was officially known as ‘XVIII Olympic Winter Games.’ Other cities to vote were Vancouver-Garibaldi, British Columbia, and Canada but they withdrew their vote before the final decision leaving New York as the only candidate. So it was selected for Winter Olympics by Olympics International Committee. 37 nations participated, and there were more than 1000 players including 840 men and 232 women. The event was opened on 14th February and was closed on 23rd February. Vice President came to the event for the official opening. The Soviet Union secured the most medals. A total of 22 medals including ten gold, six silver, and six bronze medals.

In the 2002 Winter Olympics were held in the United States once again. The location selected for the ceremony was Salt Lake in Utah. An estimated number of 2300 players participated in the event of which there were a total of 78 events of 7 different sports. George W. Bush was the president at that time, and he specially came over to Salt Lake for the opening ceremony of the XIX Olympic Winter Games, otherwise known as Salt Lake 2002. The opening ceremony was held on 8th February, and the event continued for straight 16 days. The event was officially closed on 24th February. A total of 78 nations participated in the event.

During the 10th Session of International Olympics Council, Salt Lake City was selected for the winter Olympics 2002. The other candidates for hosting the ceremony were Québec City, Canada; Östersund, Sweden, and Sion, Switzerland but Salt Lake City got the most votes. So it was decided during the meeting of OIC on 16th June 1995.

France comes second on the list of countries with the most number of Olympic Games. A total of five events were held in France. Summer Olympics of the year 1900 and1924 were held in France. According to the official announcements of OIC, the Summer Olympics of the year 2024 will also be held in France. Speaking of Winter Olympics, a total of 3 Winter Olympics were hosted by France in the year 1924, 1968 and 1992.

Upcoming Olympic Games:

Upcoming Olympics games in 2020

In the recent meetings of International Olympics Committee it has been decided that the upcoming Olympic Games will be held in following countries:
• Summer Olympics 2020 will be held in Japan.
• Winter Olympics 2022 will be held in China.
• Summer Olympics 2024 will be held in France.
• Summer Olympics 2028 will be held in the United States.


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