A List High to Low – States With Highest Crime Rate in USA

In certain states of the United States, the crime rate is sky high, and there are many factors that add on to it. The United States is also known to have the highest prison population than any country in the world. Drugs, violence, murders, and homicides add on to the high crime rates in the United States.

Some states like Alaska, New Mexico, and Nevada are well known for their excessive violence and are considered to be the most dangerous states. In some places, the drug-related fights and violence are tremendously, and in some places, the crime rate is high because of poverty.

Crime and Violence in Alaska:

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Alaska is known to be a dangerous state and is popular because of many reasons, for example, the fact that the state is the largest state in the United States. The state is also attached to Canada, but on the other hand, it is less populated. Alaska has repeatedly been ranked on top for being the most dangerous of all the 51 states. Alaska stands on top of the list being with the massive amount of violent crimes.

The crime rate in the state is 804 offenses, crimes and other violence committed per 100,000 population according to the studies of 2017. The state also stands on top of the list of cities with the highest rate of sexual assault. Many incidents of that kind are reported from rural areas, and some are from Urban areas too.

In the year 2010, about 60% of women in Alaska said that they had been a victim of physical violence and some had been threatened by their partners or had experienced sexual abuse from anyone in some point in their lives. The cases of alcohol abuse are also common in the state, and due to this violence and crimes, Alaska is considered the dangerous state in the whole United States.

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States with Most Crime rates

Down below is the list of all 51 states ranked as per the crime reports per 100,000 population:

Sr. No.StateCrime Rate
1District of Columbia1205.9
3New Mexico702.5
11South Carolina501.8
20South Dakota418.4
25New York376.2
26North Carolina372.2
28West Virginia358.1
39North Dakota251.1
40New Jersey245
44Rhode Island238.9
49New Hampshire197.6

Why is New Mexico Dangerous?

New Mexico is also one of the regions in the United States that are not densely populated and are rather scarcely populated. As per the recent studies, New Mexico has been found out to be the second most dangerous state in the whole country because the crime rate per 100,000 population in the United States is second highest in the state. The most popular type of crimes in the region are property crimes, and the state was not always on top of the list of states with most property crimes and violence, but it has emerged on the charts in the past few years as these crimes outgrew radically. The crimes and violence are found out to be the most in Albuquerque which is the largest city in the whole of New Mexico.

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There are many reasons for the increasing crime rate in the region. They include socioeconomic issues, the easy approach to the West Coast and Mexico and other substance abuses.

Alleviated Crime Rate of Nevada:

Nevada is another state of the United States that faces many problems due to the high crime rates. The violence and crime are so high in the state that it has is the third state among the states of US with the highest crime rate. There are almost 679 crime reports per 100,000 population. Burglaries and forced rape are the most common crime in the region, and most of the crimes are because of the tourists who come from other states and countries to visit Las Vegas.

Not all the states are dangerous. There are also some other states in the United States that are safe to live in, and the crime rates are quite controlled. In these states, the administration and police have devised strategies to keep the crime rate low. Adding to that, the upbringing in a manner that people feel responsible for their state and country.

Low Crime Rates in Maine:

Maine maintains the top position in the list of states with lowest crime rates as there are about 124 crime reports per 100,000 population. Although drugs and other drug-related violence are increasing in Maine, it manages to maintain the lowest crime rate in the US according to the report by FBI. The reason why the crime rate is much less in Maine is that Maine is rural areas and people are mostly hardworking. The citizens have a sense of harmony, and they are less involved in crimes.


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