Which Country in the World has the Fastest Pace of Living

The speed of life was calculated from three factors in different cities from 31 different countries around the world, these factors include:

The average rate of walking in the busy sections of the city.

The average speed at which a simple request was completed by the postal clerks.

The precision of public clocks.

From the results from these studies, the overall pace of life was found out to be the fastest in Singapore and some other western European countries. The pace of life was found out to be the lowest in countries which weren’t economically stable. Climate factor also seemed to have an impact on the pace of life as the speed of life was much faster in the colder regions, and economically stable countries also had a relatively faster pace.

fastest pace of life in different countries

Faster places were no double economically stable, but the downside was that the rate of death from coronary heart diseases and smoking was even higher.

The experiment was carried out by Prof. Wiseman along with the British Council, and all the research and experiment were carried out in the busiest hours (between 11:30 am to 2:00 pm). The British council spared some researchers, and they found some busy streets in the city that had wide pavements, didn’t have any obstacles and weren’t so crowded. They allowed people to walk at their maximum speed. The noted the time for 35 men and 35 women to walk on the pavement of 60 feet. The researchers only performed the study on the people that were on their own, and those who were holding shopping bags and mobile phones were ignored.

city life at night

Professor Wiseman said that looking into these figures tells us much about the physical and social health about a specific city or a country. With the evolving economy, the pace of life has massively increased, and the major cities of economically developed countries are found out to have a quicker pace than before. The fast pace will have a significant impact on the lives of people as the majority of the population resides in the Urban areas and the population residing in the rural areas has decreased significantly.

stats of top ten countries having fastest life pace

Which Country in the World has the Fastest Pace of Living

Sr. No.CityTime
1Singapore (Singapore)10.55
2Copenhagen (Denmark)10.82
3Madrid (Spain)10.89
4Guangzhou (China)10.94
5Dublin (Ireland)11.03
6Curitiba (Brazil)11.13
7Berlin (Germany)11.16
8New York (United States)12.00
9Utrecht (Netherlands)12.04
10Vienna (Austria)12.06
11Warsaw (Poland)12.07
12London (United Kingdom)12.17
13Zagreb (Croatia)12.20
14Prague (Czech)12.35
15Wellington (New Zealand)12.62
16Paris (France)12.65
17Stockholm (Sweden)12.75
18Ljubljana (Slovenia)12.76
19Tokyo (Japan)12.83
20Ottawa (Canada)13.72
21Harare (Zimbabwe)13.92
22Sofia (Bulgaria)13.96
23Taipei (Taiwan)14.00
24Cairo (Egypt)14.18
25Sana’a (Yamen)14.29
26Bucharest (Romania)14.36
27Dubai (United Arab Emirates)14.64
28Damascus (Syria)14.94
29Amman (Jordan)15.95
30Bern (Switzerland)17.73
31Manama (Bahrain)17.69
32Blantyre (Malawi)31.60

The amazing thing about this survey was that London wasn’t in the top 10 cities with the highest pace. Copenhagen and Madrid were found out to have the fastest pace in the European region. Another fact that can be inferred from this study is that the Middle Eastern countries have the slowest pace.

Find out your pace of life here.

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