Which is the Most Educated Country in the World

Education is an essential factor in the growth of a country. The progress of a country and strongly interconnected with the percentage of the educated population. Most of the developed countries in the world have the highest literacy rates. So it is essential for a country to improve its literacy rate in order to progress and improve the overall economy of the country as a country with low literacy rate cannot survive in this world without acquiring education.


A person who is educated develops better moral values in comparison to an uneducated person. The lack of education causes many problems including violence, poor health and living standards in a country. It affects the growth and development of the country. A literate man has the right mind to make the right decisions for himself and the people around him/her and play an important role in the betterment of the society. Literacy opens the gates to self-esteem and allows you to unlock your potential for the benefit of the country.

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate:

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

UNESCO defines literacy rate as the number of literate people in a certain age group expressed in percentage of the total population in the age group. The table also shows the literacy rate for male and female. So down below is the list of top 20 countries with most adult literacy rate (from age 15 to 24):

Sr. No.CountryLiteracy rate (all)Male literacyFemale literacy
1 North Korea100.0%100.0%100.0%
2 Latvia99.9%99.9%99.9%
3 Estonia99.8%99.8%99.8%
4 Lithuania99.8%99.8%99.8%
5 Azerbaijan99.8%99.9%99.7%
6 Poland99.8%99.9%99.7%
7 Kazakhstan99.8%99.8%99.8%
8 Tajikistan99.8%99.8%99.7%
9 Armenia99.8%99.8%99.7%
10 Ukraine99.8%99.8%99.7%
11 Georgia99.8%99.8%99.7%
12 Belarus99.7%99.8%99.7%
13 Russia99.7%99.7%99.7%
14 Slovenia99.7%99.7%99.7%
15 Cuba99.7%99.7%99.8%
16 Turkmenistan99.7%99.8%99.6%
17 Slovakia99.6%99.6%99.6%
18 Uzbekistan99.6%99.7%99.5%
19  Palau99.5%99.5%99.6%
20  Kyrgyzstan99.5%99.6%99.4%

High Literacy Rate In South Korea:

The literacy rate in Korea is, in fact, the highest at 100% according to the statistics of UNICEF in the year 2015. There are many reasons why the education is so common in South Korea, and the major one is that the people of South Korea give importance to education and consider it as a source of socio-economic development. Parents are always willing for their children to the get the best possible education and learning opportunities. They even cut down their expenses and make sacrifices for their children to get them educated.

Highest literacy rate

Education system has contributed a lot to the development and economy of the country as it has produced skilled employees. These experienced and hardworking employees put in their efforts to bring miraculous advancements in the country within a single generation. The Ministry of Education of Korea made some reforms and ambitious plans in 1995 has a significant effect on the education system.

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