List of All Countries in South America

south american countries list

South America is one of seven continents around the globe which is located in the West-Hemisphere it also has relatively small piece located in the Northern Hemisphere. It is consisted of only thirteen countries and it is not so large in its area,  covering the total area of 17,840,000 km2 so it is also considered the subcontinent of America. From the west, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and from north and east side bordered by Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and North America. It is covering the area of 3.5% of world’s entire surface. In accordance to a recent survey, its population was accounted more than 385,742,554 people. Although it has not a long list of countries yet it is ranked as fourth in terms of area size on the earth. Similarly it is the fifth most populated continent in the world. Geographically there is a conflict between the South and North America near Isthmus of Panama but in reality Panama is considered the part of North America.We have prepared a list of south American countries and their capitals, area in square kilometer and official flags are also displayed.

List of the South American Sovereign States with Capitals

RankCountry Or TerritoryCapitalArea
1. Argentina Buenos Aires 2,780,400 Argentina
 2. Bolivia Sucre (constitutional)
La Paz (administrative)
 1,098,581 Bolivia
 3. Brazil Brasília 8,514,877 Brazil
 4. Chile Santiago 756,102 Chile
 5. Colombia Bogotá / Santa Fe de Bogotá 1,138,910 Colombia
 6. Ecuador Quito 283,561 Ecuador
 7. Guyana Georgetown 214,969 Guyana
 8. Paraguay Asunción 406,752 Paraguay
 9. Peru Lima 1,285,216 Peru
 10. Suriname Paramaribo 163,820 Suriname
 11. Uruguay Montevideo176,215 Uruguay
 12. Venezuela Caracas 912,050 Venezuela

List of Non-sovereign territories (Dependent Territories)


RankCountry or TerritoryCapitalArea
13.Falkland IslandsStanley12,173Falkland_Islands
14.South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsKing Edward Point3,903South_Georgia_and_the_South_Sandwich_Islands

Integral territories of states outside of South America

RankCountry or TerritoryCapitalArea
15French GuianaCayenne83,534France

Map of South America

south america map

In South American Countries List, Brazil is the most admired and largest country by its area size. It is covering about half of the south American continent’s earth surface and it is the fifth largest country in the world. Along with the Atlantic Ocean, it has the enormous coastline of about 7500 km long. Brazil is bordering Argentina, Colombia, French Guiana, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Guyana, Venezuela and Uruguay. So here the point that should be noted is Chile and Ecuador because these are only two south American nations that are not bordered by Brazil.

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