Boxing Day Originate in Which Nation of the World

The Boxing Day is celebrated a day after Christmas, and it primarily originated in the United Kingdom. The day is celebrated in several countries that used to be a part of the British Empire.

Boxing day is officially a bank holiday, and the reason that it comes soon after Christmas is that it gives people one more day off from work on which they spend time with their friends and family to enjoy the leftovers of Christmas.

How Boxing Day is Celebrated

Around the world, Christmas is a popular holiday but in many places, the next day is also a holiday. Many of the countries which are part of the British Commonwealth celebrated it Boxing Day. Well, it’s certain that this holiday has nothing to do with fist fighting. Its actual origins have been the subject of some debate during the Middle Ages. The Roman Catholic Church celebrated most days of the year as a feast for a saint.

boxing day after christmas

December 26, the day after Christmas was a day of St. Stephen, one of the first seven men appointed by the Apostles to serve in the early church. He’s also the first Christian martyr recorded in Scripture. It was on St. Stephen’s Day that the Carroll Good King Winston’s loss is said.

Today St. Stephen’s Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Ireland where it also coincides with Renne’s day, a traditional holiday which involved people dressing in old clothes and chasing down and killing Rennes. Some people continue this ritual even today but without the killing of birds.

The Motive of Boxing Day

Boxing Day itself is a holiday that was associated with giving to those less fortunate than yourself. Christmas would have been a holy day spent in church and with your family. The next day was more secular and involved giving money to the poor or to those who worked for you. But there are different theories regarding what particular boxes the day was named after.

Where It All Started

The first idea is that they were boxes given by the medieval Lord, so their serves were containing the supplies that they needed for the year. Christmas was a convenient time to do it as they were already gathered together. The giving of the supplies would not have been something done out of the kindness of the Masters’ hearts. But because they were required to do so by law.

The second option is that it refers to boxes placed in the Anglican churches in which people would drop money for the poor on Boxing Day. The story goes, the boxes would be opened, and the money was distributed.

Another more elaborate version says that the name refers to boxes that were placed on ships going out for a long voyage. People would put money into the box to entice the priest to pray for them so that the money wouldn’t be lost. When the ships returned safely home, the money from the boxes was supposedly distributed on Boxing Day.

boxing day presents

The last tale of the names origin points back to Christmas boxes which the more wealthy people filled with presents or tips for those who work for them on the day after Christmas. This custom is the best-documented of the Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels wrote in 1710,

“I shall be undone here with Christmas boxes the rogues of the coffeehouse have raised their tact everyone giving a crown, and I gave mine for shame beside a great many half-crowns two great men.”

Charity on Boxing Day

Today the holiday is sometimes associated with giving to charity. But it’s usually celebrated with different activities joy entertainment depending on the customs in the family or community. It’s mostly just a continuation of festivities from Christmas Day. A day for sporting events like football, rugby, horse racing, fox hunting or hockey or time for sales and shopping like Black Friday in the United States. In many places, it’s the busiest shopping day of the year.

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