World Top Ten Countries With Highest Proportion of Farmers

Top 10 Countries with most farmers in the world

Question: List World Top Ten Countries With Highest Proportion of Farmers

Farming and agriculture are much important for every nations because it is the major food production sector of any country  without food no one can live or survive . Farmer is a person who is engaged into the fields and agriculture sector either he is working on its own land or working as a laborer. In both the situations he would be considered as farmer but in some advanced and developed nations,  usually he owns its own farm and have some employees which are working on his farm. Overall every agricultural country has decent amount of farmers  but here we are providing you a list of top ten nations by the total number of farmers.

This estimate is based on percentage of number of people working in farms and it also  purely demonstrates which country is more concerned more towards agriculture describing which Country has most Farmers in the World.

Top 10 Countries With Highest Proportion of Farmers

Rank Country Total Workers in Agriculture
( % of workforce)
1. Bhutan 942,000 93
2. Burkina Faso 5,062,000 92
3. Nepal 10,109,000 92
4. Burundi 3,022,000 90
5. Rwanda 3,734,000 90
6. Niger 4,388,000 87
7. Ethiopia 22,891,000 87
8. Guinea Bissau 454,000 82
9. Mali 4,500,000 82
10. Uganda 9,130,000 80


Farmers  often belong to various families and races which are also called agriculture producers. They are represented by International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) . At present Bhutan is the leading country which has paramount proportion of farmers in the world.

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