Which is the Largest Country in Europe By Area Size

list of top ten largest countries in europe

Our planet is divided into seven dissimilar continents from which Europe is one of the largest and richest continents. Being one of the biggest land masses, it is covering a major portion of the earth. However same like the other continents, it also has a variation in its countries by their area size, population, and the economy. Europe consists of 45 independently recognized countries in which some are very large while some of the countries are surprisingly small. If you are searching for the largest countries of Europe, we are here to give you a list of top 10 largest countries in Europe by their area size.

10. Poland

beautiful resorts in poland
With a Total area of 312,685 km², Poland holds the tenth spot in our rankings. It is the nation that is just spotted in the central Europe to the east of Germany. With one of the quickest growing economies, it also offers an attractive lifestyle to its people. It is bordering Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine.

9. Norway

norway beautiful resorts

Situated in the Northern Europe, it is widely famous as one of the most beautiful and richest countries. With the number of beautiful resorts, one of the highest qualities of lifestyle, it is widely popular as one of the best tourism countries in Europe, and it is also famed as an ideal country to live in. It is covering 324,220 km². Norway surrounds Finland, Russia, and Sweden. Its strong economy stands on the values of welfare capitalism.

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