Which Country Uses Facebook the most



If the world telecommunication facilities are discussed, Then internet comes on the top of the list. At present age internet has become the most essential and useful technology . Internet has numerous benefits from which social connectivity is at top. It  is one of the most used social networking system through which people can contact each other  easily. It was founded in 2004 by University Drop-Out Mark Zuckerberg and his college fellows Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz.

In the very beginning its access was limited to the founders and Harvard university students. Later it got much popularity in the state and then launched officially worldwide on web thus came into the access of every individual person. Now it is number one free public type social networking system which is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, United States.It is earning greatest amount of income. In 2012, Its revenue was calculated $5.1 Billion. Its Alexa rank is 2. It is not only used into some specific nations, but it is used in every country of the world. Following is a list of top ten countries with the highest Facebook Users

Q : in which country Facebook is used most ?

1. United StatesUnited StatesIn the field of Information technology United states is the most advanced nation. In accordance to an estimate, United States of America  is the 1st nation where 165 million people are using Facebook on computer as well as on mobile.

2.BrazilBrazil flagBrazil is the 2nd largest country by Facebook users. Almost 65.6 million users are here in Brazil.

India FlagIndia is a very largest country by its population. Its population is near about one billion people. India is the 3rd Largest country by Facebook users in the world. Almost 61.7 million Facebook accounts are registered as well as many accounts are fake so it enjoys the 3rd largest nation in the given top ten list.

Indonesia flagIndonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. It is the 4th largest nation with most Facebook users in the world. In accordance to an estimate 1 out of 5 people are using This social website. 48.8 million people are using it. And with the rapid increase in the number of users, it is assumed that in coming next years Huge number of users will be added.

It is the 5th nation on the top ten list. Mexico have 39.8 million users of this social networking system. In accordance to an estimate, 35.8% population of Mexico is using this website for numerous purposes.

6.United Kingdom
United Kingdom flagUnited Kingdom is an European country and London is the capital of this nation. In 2012 its total population was calculated 63.23 million and now almost half of overall population is using the Facebook website for the several purposes. SO it is the 6th nation with the highest Facebook users.

Turkey flagTurkey is also an Asian country and Ankara is its capital. In the estimates of 2012 its population was calculated 74 million.It is assumed that more than 44% of total population is using Facebook which make it the 7th largest nation by users of this website.

Philippines flagIt is an Asian Country which had 96.71 million population in 2012. Manalia is the capital of this country. It is estimated that every one of three persons is using Facebook in Philippines. More than 30.2 million people are using this social networking website.

France FlagOfficially France is the French Republic having 65.7 million population in 2012. Paris is the capital and this country is located in Europe Continent. 39% of the total french residents are using Facebook as social website. Which give it the 9th position out of 10 in the ranking list of highest Facebook users in the world.

Germany FlagGermany is the 10th largest country having the most Facebook users in the world. Germany is an European Country having the 81.89 million population in the estimates of 2012.Number of Facebook users is increasing rapidly in Germany. Almost 25.2 million people are using Facebook in Germany.

Ans : At present United States of America is the country where Facebook is used most.

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