Which Country Sony Belongs to


Sony Corporation is one of the widely recognized and used electronics brands which are also known as Sony. It Is Japanese multinational company. which was founded on May 07, 1946 as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo which later on replaced with name of Sony in 1958.It was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita.Its major products are  electronics such as games, entertainment and financial services sector. It has great importance around the globe because it is trusted and one of the leading electronic incorporation functioning around the different countries of the world. Kazuo Hirai is the president and CEO of this firm. Its major products are as follows:

  • Semiconductors
  • Consumer electronics
  • Video games
  • Computer hardware
  • Telecom Equipment such as mobile phones etc.


Sony History of Incorporation

It took the existence in the beginning of world war 2 in 1946 and Masaru Ibuka begun a small-scale  electronics shop in a local building located near  Tokyo. At that time the time of start, company had only $530 as capital and had only eight employees working for it. After four years Masaru Ibuka visited America and within a short time he heard about the Bell Labs which was the invention of Transistor and he offered Bell to license the transistor with his Japanese company just to use it in the communication products.

Sony FoundersSony Electronics

Sony Electronics Inc. is one of the largest subsidiaries of American Sony Corporation. Sony electronics is headquarter is located in San Diego.CA. After sales and services Sony started its customer informational center in the beginning of 1963 in Japan with the purpose to facilitate their customers and to resolve their inquiries. And open diverse franchises near to the sale points given the repairing facility to their clients. Its sales had increased due to its quality brands as well as great customer services. Following is a list of Region Number of Repair centers around the different countries of the world.


Japan 687
North America 1,316
East Asia [*4] 365
Europe 1,624
Pan-Asia [*5] 1393
Latin America 661


In the world, Sony is the leading company within this age of competition. Its strength is its quality and that is the reason for which people trust on the company and its sales are increasing at highest speed. Its sales are more in Japan than other countries. Following is a table showing its sales in four major geographical locations indicating its highest sales.

Sales By Area Records

Rank Geographic Region Total Sales
(Millions of YEN)
1. Japan 1,873,219
2. United States 2,512,345
3. Europe 2,307,658
4. Others 2,041,270

Which Country Does Sony Belongs to?

Question : Which County Sony belongs to  and when was the company founded and headquartered ?

Ans : Sony Belongs to Japan and it is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan . so the Sony country of origin is japan

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