Which Country Produces the Most Silver

silver_1896303bThe production from the silver mines in the world is complex to study because of the variety and the number of countries where they are placed (on 5 continents, over 30 countries). Productions of silver Cigars are little many, in fact there is a diversity of fields of Metallurgy (in ¾ of the  mine production is the low product of zinc, lead, copper, or gold ) small indeed returned back to the producers (the low price of  in fact often a secondary income relative to the other metals). There is a demand for both industrial (industry, photography and jewelry) and fiduciary (coins, medals and storage). World production of silver is a kind of super-giant puzzle that must reconstruct their eyes closed.The average growth of its production in the world has been 1.5% per year. The world’s total product must increase by 10 million ounces of silver per every year to continue to respond to the growth in demand. Let’s see how the world’s statistics came out between countries.Mexico and Peru are very old silver countries (1500), and its  production is still among the top five nations  for decades, or even centuries. In 1935, Mexico and Peru belonged to only part of the top five silver producing nations. Peru and Mexico represent themselves still on one-third . China’s production  is very difficult to identify, it is not easy to know the exact statistics of this silver production. The situation in Australia and Poland is close , for these two countries has majority of production which is ensured by a single mine. Below is the list of top ten silver producing countries in the world.

Silver Production by Country: Top Ten Silver Producing Countries

Peru 4000
Mexico 3500
China 3000
Australia 1700
Chile 1500
Russia 1400
Bolivia 1360
United States 1280
Poland 1200
Canada 700
Other countries 2600


Which Country Produces the Most Silver ?

Answer: Peru is at the top of list producing 4000 metric tonnes each year


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