Which Country Produces Most Oranges



Orange is very popular fruit in all over the world it is citrus fruit which is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Moderate temperature is essential for its better growth. It have several varieties grown in all over the world.

Following are the different varieties and types of this fruit :

  • Common (Valencia, Hamlin, Hart’s Tardiff Valencia etc)
  • Navel (Cara cara navels etc )
  • Blood
  • Acidless

Top 5 Largest Orange Producing Countries in the World


Rank Country 2010 Production (Million tonnes)
1. brazil flag  Brazil 18.5
2. UNITED STATES FLAG  United States 7.01
3. india flag  India 6.0
4. China flag  China 5.0
5. mexico  Mexico 4.1


Brazil is the leading nation which is giving the highest output of oranges in all over the world and no other nation is giving more output than Brazil. All the information about the article is collected from different authentic and verified sources.

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