Which Country Produces Most Onion in the World

red dried onionThere are number of vegetables that are used and grown worldwide today we will have a look on Top ten onion producing countries in the world, Onion has its own importance and it comes in the list of most usable vegetables in the world, termed as common onion or bulb onion also used in form of green onions. As it is one of the major food ingredients, it is mostly observed to be served as cooked form which is mixed with fricassee and curry. we have observed that the onion production by country depends on the nation’s population. taste is little bitter but onions are also eaten in raw, in forms of salads with other vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers.onions are also used to make the spicy chutney and delicious pickles. One thing which is making it horrible is that when a person is chopping it, some chemical substances irritates the eyes because these contain the flavoring and phenolic.

The trend of using the onions in powder form has increased within the few years. It contains a huge amount of health essentials that are considered more helpful for human body and their fitness. Due to the rise in its consumption, its imports and exports got a big rise within few couple of years. Following is a statistics list of top ten countries that are reported to be the largest onion producing countries in the world and their annual production is also shown in metric tons.

Top 10 Onion Producing Countries in the World


Rank Country Production
(Metric Tons)
1. China flag  China 20,507,759
2. india flag  India 13,372,100
3. UNITED STATES FLAG  United States 3,320,870
4. Egypt  Egypt 2,208,080
5. Iran  Iran 1,922,970
6. Turkey  Turkey 1,900,000
7. Pakistan  Pakistan 1,701,100
8. brazil flag  Brazil 1,556,000
9. Russia Flag  Russia 1,536,300
10. south korea  Republic of Korea 1,411,650


Q : Which Country Produces most Onion in the World?


Ans : Today, having more than 20,507,759 Metric Tonnes annual production, China is the largest producer on onion in the world.

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