Which Country Produces Most Olives in the World



In our previous article we have already discussed the olive oil, its importance, health benefits and its largest producers but without olives, oil cannot be obtained. Can you imagine that you can produce the olive oil without olives? Definitely your answer is No, so here we are going to put a light on OLIVE, its health benefits, cultivation, largest consumers and its largest producers as well. So Get some quick facts of olive.

It is being grown in form of small size trees,these planted trees produce olives,  no other remarkable importance than the major ingredient for producing the Olive Oil which is the most useful oil on the planet. The average height of its tree is near about 8 to 15 meters. If we try to count its cultivars they will exceed hundreds and one interesting thing which make a cultivar different and important is its noteworthy effect on its shape, color, growth period, size and the qualities of Olive Oil extracted from it. cultivars can be used in various ways but these are mostly used for eating and oil.

Olive is one of the most popular foods in the world as fast foods including pizza contains it. considered as important food item not only due to its taste but sometimes its oil is given more importance than original form. It has numerous health benefits so different health experts suggest their patients consume it to a reasonable level in foods. Following is a list of countries that are contributing to provide the highest yield of Olives.



Top Ten Olive Producing Countries In the World


Rank Country Production
1. Spain  Spain 7,820,060
2. Italy  Italy 3,182,204
3. Greece  Greece 2,000,000
4. Turkey  Turkey 1,750,000
5. Morocco  Morocco 1,415,902
6. syria flag  Syria 1,095,043
7. Algeria  Algeria 610,776
8. Tunisia  Tunisia 562,000
9. Egypt  Egypt 459,650
10. portugal  Portugal 443,800


In a recent report whichcountry.co has revealed that 90% of olives are used for making oil while only 10% are used in original form.


Following image is showing a summary of global consumption and production starting from 1090 to 2012.


Q : Which Country is the largest producer of Olives in the world?

A : Currently Spain is given the first rank as the Biggest Olives Producing Country in the world with more than 7,820,060 Tons annual Production.

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