Which Country Produces Most Flowers?

flower production


Flowers are one of the most liked and loved things on the earth, some people considered it the best thing to show love, some use it only for decoration.Today we will discuss Flower Production by Country,  its usage varies according to need of specific nation. therefore flowers are  used and being produced all over the world. And the industry that is engaged in making flowers is known as the floral industry that is one of the most popular and largest industries not only in developing countries but also in underdeveloped countries around the world.

The trend of giving it a form of industry began during the 19th century and started in England so we can easily know that England founded this great and fastest growing industry around the globe. The floral industry consisted on three major heads, growers, wholesalers and the retailers respectively. But in modern and recent trade, the trend of eliminating the intermediaries is increasing rapidly. and it is only for the attainment of quick and least expensive flowers.


Transportation Process

flower packing

There are some kinds that are sent in the packed flat in the different boxes which is allows packing huge amount of flowers in the small spaces and it decreases the additional space required for the shipping purpose. While on the other hands there are also some kinds that have not the ability to survive for a long time period out of water such as gerberas, orchids, roses and water lilies. And such kids of flowers are sent via their own sealed water container that is called picks on the every stem end.Flowers are taking several routes to the consumer, and it is purely depended on where they are cultivated and how they are sold.

History of floral industry

Netherlands Flower Fields

Till 19th century, flowers were grown in England on a large-scale. And majority of estates were engaged in growing the flowers in huge amount. Which later on took the more improvement and today, everyone can see it as one of the largest industries on the earth? Currently it has become a dynamic, fastest growing and global industry and has achieved noteworthy growth rates within the past few decades. Till 1950s, the overall flowers trade had the price not less than US$3 billion. And by 1994, it got a major change and grown to $100 billion. It promoted the industry and that is the major reason behind the 16% annual increase in its production. According to a survey held in 2003, its global trade volume was valued about $101.84 billion.

Flower Production by Country


Top Ten Flower Producing Countries

Everyone knows that Flower industry took into existence in the land of England but which country is the largest producer of cut flowers this is more interesting question which is answered in the below table. below is list of top ten flower producing around the globe

Rank Flower Producing
1. NETHERLANDS  Netherlands Amsterdam
2. UNITED STATES FLAG  America Washington, D.C.
3. brazil flag  Brazil Brasília
4. SWEDEN  Sweden Stockholm
5. DENMARK  Denmark Copenhagen
6. malaysia flag  Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
7. india flag  India New Delhi
8. SWITZERLAND  Switzerland Bern
9. Combordia  Combordia Phnom Penh
10. Australia  Australia Canberra


The Netherlands is the largest producer of Flowers in the world than all other countries. It is producing about 66% of world’s entire flower production.

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