Which Country Produces Most Feature Films



Film industry has become a major head of earning in several nations where a large amount of budget is allocated for movie making and country economy depends upon the earnings and profit from film production. There are some nations which has most of their concentration on this area. A ranking list of top 10 leading countries  in this field is given below :

Top 10 List: Largest Film Producers in the World

Ranks Country Films Produced
1. India 946
2. United States 611
3. Japan 310
4. China 212
5. France 203
6. Italy 134
7. Spain 133
8. United Kingdom 132
9. Germany 121
10 Russia 120


Which country produces most movies per year?


Today India is the leading country in feature film production as compared to all over the countries in the world which is earning a reasonable amount of money from this sector.