Which Country McDonald’s Belongs To?

country of origin

Ranked as number 1 fast food company, McDonald’s corporation is serving throughout the world and a recent survey showed that it is amusing more than 68 million people living in 119 different countries around the globe.did you know Which Country McDonald’s Belongs To? lets see some facts about.

It was founded in 1940 on small-scale as the Barbecue restaurant and Richard and Maurice McDonald taken the responsibility to operate it in the beginning and continued serving this corporation which later on after 8 years (in 1948) turned in to the hamburger stand. Prior to its extension a richest man of that time named Ray Kroc decided to join the firm as the franchise agent during 1955. Afterward he purchased the overall business from McDonald Brothers and further extended the chain by spreading this business throughout the world.

 Corporation At a Glance

McDonald's belongs to which country

All About McDonald’s
300px-McDonald's_Golden_Arches.svgOfficial Name : McDonald’sFounded in :    May 15, 1940

Type :    Public Property

Industry : Restaurants/Fast Food

Number of locations     34,000+ worldwide

Founder :  Richard , Maurice McDonald

Key people  :  Andrew J. McKenna (Chairman)
Don Thompson (President and CEO)

Headquartered In : Oak Brook, Illinois, United States

Served Area :    Worldwide (Almost all countries of world)

Popular Products : Fast food (Pizza, Chicken Burgers , french fries, milkshakes , desserts ,

hamburgers, coffee , salads , Numerous Types of Soft Drinks and BreakFast)

Number of Employees : 1,800,000


McDonald’s Country of Origin

Untitled-1which country does McDonald’s restaurants originally belongs to?

 In fact, McDonald’s belongs to United States of America.

Basically its restaurants can be operated by different heads such as either by an affiliate or a Franchisee or the corporation can run that business at its own behalf. It has numerous source that are increasing its revenue such as the payments received from the franchisee, rents and various types of royalties received.

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  • Preeti Kaur

    I didnt know McDonalds was founded over 74 yrs ago!

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