Which Country is the Largest Producer of Sugar in the World


Basically Sugar is treated as the carbohydrate specially found in fruits and vegetables. The process in which the plants transform the sun energy into food and in this process sugar plays a great role. In the commercial level production, sugar-beets and sugarcane are the major sources used as the raw material in production process.

sugar production countries

How much Its usage is significant in our Diet?

IT is not only significant for making delicious and sweet foods, but is has also much significance in the healthy human body because for the better functioning. our body needs the following health essentials:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Water
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

While on the other hand it is famous for causing various health disorders such as diabetes, obesity rates, and many heart problems

sugar production countries of the world

Most Popular Types

Although there are various types yet from these types four are most important and popular such as Glucose, Lactose, Sucrose and Fructose. These types can be obtained from different sources such as fruits, vegetables and milk etc.Glucose and Fructose are the types that are mostly found in Fruits, Honey and vegetables which are shown in the below table:

SourceGlucose Content
Fructose Content
Sucrose Content
Sugars total content
Raw carrot2.


  • Sucrose is the kind what you can obtain in your sugar’s bowl.
  • Lactose is another type and mostly found in milk and all milk products. All these types occur naturally

largest sugar producing countries

There is no country where sugar is not being used. Most of nations produce sufficient amount of sugar for their needs but still some countries export sugarcane to meet their needs. A recent report revealed that about 120 countries are producing it either on large-scale or only a small-scale just to meet their own needs. Every year about 165 million tons of sugar is being produced all around the globe. More than 80 percent of world’s entire sugar is obtained from the sugar cane grown in the tropical regions of the world. Rest of the production is obtained from the sugar beet which accounts for 20% of world’s entire yield. Such type is produced in the temperate regions of the world. Recently our team prepared a list of top ten countries that are contributing to near about 75% of world’s overall production. From which Brazil is the largest producer of sugar, producing 25% of world’s overall sugar output.

largest sugar producing countries of the world

List of Top 10 Largest Sugar Producing Countries in the World
(1000 Tonnes)

Q:Which country Produces Most Sugar in the World ?

Ans : Currently, Brazil is world’s largest Sugar Producing Country. Brazil is the largest country in the South America and the 5th largest country in the world. It has the fastest growing economy in the world. Its capital is Brasilia and the largest city is Sao Paulo. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. its total land area is 8,515,767 square kilometer. Population in accordance with the estimate of 2012 is 193,946,886. its total GDP is $2.493 trillion and per capital GDP is $12,788.

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