Which Country is the Largest Producer of Sugar cane in the World


Sugar Cane is the world’s largest, important and major crop which is very sweet in taste. It is used as raw material for the production of sugar according to an estimate 80% of sugar production is based upon it. It is cultivated in several countries,

in 2009,

Top 10 Largest Sugar Cane Producers in the World were as follows

RankCountryProduction (Tonnes)
1.  Brazil672,157,000
2.  India285,029,000
3.  China116,251,272
4.  Thailand66,816,400
5.  Pakistan50,045,400
6.  Mexico49,492,700
7.  Colombia38,500,000
8.  Philippines32,500,000
9.  Australia30,284,000
10.  Argentina29,000,000


Brazil is the world’s Biggest Sugarcane producing country in all over the nations with a total production of 672,157,000 tonnes. While India is the 2nd biggest producer after Brazil.

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