Which Country is Most Powerful in the World

Which is Most Powerful  Country In The World


Which country owes the most power is a very broad topic but an institute named “The National Power Index” which collects the statistics throughout the universe about power distribution factors upon which this distribution depends are the country’s population, its GDP and the most important factor is the defense budget of the most powerful country in the world. According to a survey held in year 2011 United States of America is the biggest spender of military defense weighing $700 billion dollars a big portion of its budget stood first in ammunition race world-wide and in terms of GDP it has also taken the 1st spot but in charge of population it highlighted the third spot so far.

Then comes the second big fish in terms of power growth is the recent and the consistently rising power, number one populated region in world every one knows is China. Although there is a sea difference in China’s and United States of America’s military budget, China comes 2nd in weapon rivalry despite it has a bit of defense budget if compared with USA. UN has also declared the Chinese to the second grade for their Gross Domestic Product(GDP). The country competing for the third spot for similar statistics is France, a European continental region. France is not very much populated but still has access in world’s hottest issues whether political, economical or warfare because of its big standard of living and progress rate. It has gained twenty-first position with respect to population but has third rank for its GDP. Rest of countries that comes for 4th till 10th spot for similar stats are given in the ranking table below .this is a list of top most powerful countries in the world.

Table showing ranking of most powerful countries 2014 list with respect to national power index

Rank Country National Power Index
1. United States 0.90
2. China 0.85
3. France 0.84
4. United Kingdom 0.83
5. Germany 0.77
6. Russia 0.77
7. Japan 0.75
8. Italy 0.70
9. Canada 0.68
10. Spain 0.67

Q : Which country is most powerful country in the world ?

Ans: USA is the most powerful country with respect to GDP, military and being the third most dense human occupied in world.

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  • Sunyam

    The most powerful nation is certainly USA. But population is not the factor which effects the power of nation much and this is really stupid to take it as the factor while leaving the most important and influencing ones. Any nation’s military power is the subject to how and with what firepower and strategy and how efficiently and effectively it can battle with its enemy. This totally depends on its military technology, the knowledge to use them more efficiently and effectively (this requires strategy as well). Its military might also depends on how fast and efficiently the military tech or arms or soldiers can be made available at the time of crisis or war and even at the normal situations.
    Now the powerful techs and arms requires research and money or investment (the research itself requires money). If there is no money there is no honey. Also the topic of military research should be on the development of efficient and effective techs and arms. Also the ways of production of arms should be efficient. Techs and arms are the most important factors for firepower and which in turn is the most important factor for military power as it is the one which is required in the battlefield-the determining ground.
    The other most important factor is the techniques of warfare.i.e. strategy, either that is at the wartime or no wartime. The different situations or battle environment requires different strategies.The war in the civilian areas doesn’t require strong firepower. The military which can deploy soldiers to many different kinds of environment and faster and efficiently (this in turn requires tech) and effectively and can change strategies or even modes of strategies with EE ways (efficient and effective) in response to change in situations or entirely the environments of battlefield has the no.1 advantage. Now this all requires information- the most important- and its deployment or transfer in a very EE ways.

  • Hassaan

    The most powerful nations are USA,China and Pakistan

    • Gabbar Singh

      Pakistan! ha ha ha ha hiiiiii wooooooooooooo

      • pratiksh

        the most brave people IN The world are from NEPAL.

    • Viswanathan Narayanan

      Pakistan! lol… If you minus Balochistan, Pakistan is nothing more than a Somalian Republic!

  • kek

    Hey where is INDIA in the list. This website sucks

  • Guest

    Ya kak youre right where is INDIA in the list. This website is wrong and fuck this website

  • kek

    fuck this website