Which Country is Best at Soccer



There are several stories  for the game football game origin. This game is totally based on a ball kicked by feet so it named  foot ball. In accordance to FIFA, cuju is the earliest form of Football. It is one of the most famous games all over the world it is not only a game it is also a passion, culture,craze and for some people it is considered a thirst.

FIFA world ranking is a system in which the most successful teams are ranked on their performance and best game results. This system was introduced in 1992.Every year a fresh ranking list of best soccer  and 2014 top ten countries is prepared in perspective of ranking.

 Top 10 Football Teams Ranking List 2014

Rank Country
1. Spain
2. Germany
3. Colombia
4. Argentina
5. Netherlands
6. Italy
7. Portugal
8. Croatia
9. Brazil
10. Belgium


Q : Which country started Soccer in the world  and Which Country is Best at Soccer now?

Answer :

Although Football is being played all over the world by different nations but if we go back into the history and from different authentic and verified sources it is cleared that England is the country which started the Football first in the world and currently Spain is at number 1

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