Which Country Invented the Internet

internetWe are now going to discuss brief history of world wide web and internet, and our question is which country invented or created the internet? lets go back to the history In the Cold War, the United States created a network exclusively for military purpose, with the aim that, in the unlikely event of a Russian attack could have access to military information from anywhere in the country. actually the early history of internet started in mid 20th century, This network was established in 1969 and was called ARPANET. In principle, the network had 4 computers distributed between different universities. Two years later, had about 40 computers. In such a way the growth of the network was increased and that communication system became obsolete. Then two researchers created the TCP / IP, which became the standard for communications within computer networks (currently still using this protocol/rule).ARPANET continued to grow and gone open to the world, and anyone with academic or research purposes could access the network.
That network became remained no more military exclusive and started to come more general purpose in United States. The NSF (National Science Foundation) created its own computer network called NSFNET, which later absorbed ARPANET, thus creating a large network with scientific and academic purposes. The development of networks and new open-access networks that bind later NSFNET, forming the embryo of what we now know as the Internet.In 1985 the Internet was already an established technology, but known by few. The author William Gibson revealed the term “cyberspace”.
At that time the network was basically textual. Over time the word “cyberspace” ended up being synonymous with Internet.The development of NSFNET was in the year 1990 and had approximately 100,000 servers.

Further the history continues, In the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN), Tim Berners Lee led the search for a system of data storage and retrieval. Berners Lee returned to the idea of Ted Nelson (a project calledXanadu“) to use hyperlinks. Robert Caillau who cooperated with the project, as much as in 1990 decided to name the system and called World Wide Web(WWW).

The new formula allowed link information in a logical manner through networks. The content is programmed in hypertext language “tags” that assigned a function to each of the content. Then, a computer program, an interpreter, was able to read those labels to this information. That was interpreted to be known as “browser” or “web browser”.

Marc Andreesen in 1993 produced the first version of the browser Mosaic“, which allowed access to the WWW-facility.The graphical interface was beyond schedule and the ease with which the program could handle network surprising. Soon after Andreesen created another browser known as Netscape program.

Following on from then internet began to grow faster than other means of communication, becoming what we all now know.Some of the services available on the internet apart from the WEB are remote access to other machines (SSH and telnet), file transfer (FTP), email (SMTP), online conversations (IMSN MESSENGER, ICQ, YIM, AOL, jabber), file transfer (P2P, P2M, direct download, etc.).


 Q:Which country invented the internet?

from the above story The country that is credited for the invention of the internet is United States of America.

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