Which Country Has the Most Powerful Passport

Which Country has the Most Powerful Passport in the World

A passport is a legal document that enables individuals to travel anywhere, around the world . Many of us wish to visit majority of the world countries without any restrictions, so the “most strong passport” can help us in this matter. Majority of immigrants consider United States passport as the powerful one. But in reality it’s not, While ranking the most acceptable passports in the world, U.S couldn’t achieve the top spot.

Do you know which nation has the most powerful passport in the world?

In accordance to a recent report indicated by the Good Magazine, an info graphic ranking list was presented: revealing the passports that are considered most powerful in the world. While making this ranking list, the key point was the number of countries, where a passport holder is authorized to travel without VISA.

While keeping in mind the area and population size of VISA-FREE countries, United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland are the countries having the most powerful passport in the world. If you hold a passport of any of these three nations, you can travel to 173 different countries without VISA.  While, on the other hand, when it comes to the population size, and area size of VISA-FREE countries, passport of Hong Kong Special Region is considered the strongest passport ever. It allows you to visit only 152 VISA-FREE nations on the planet however these nations are widely largest by their population size and their area size as well. These 152 nations comprise 79.5 million sq kilometers and contain more than 3.8 billion occupants. Contrary to Finland and Sweden that are placed on the first spot according to Good Magazine rankings these nations are covering the total area of only 52 million sq kilometers and have only 2.1 occupants. Here is the list of countries with the most powerful passport in the world which enables anyone to travel abroad without any visa.

Hong Kong has the most powerful passport in the world

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  • Kevin

    This article is dumb. Let me ask this, can the “most powerful” HK passport travel to the US without a visa? how about vice versa? answer is no and yes! dumb

  • Jake

    Bogus article. Hong Kongers need the “Home Return Permit” for mainland China, thus China isn’t exactly visa free for them. With USA being excluded as well, it looks bad.
    With only Russia being excluded, Singaporean is the most powerful one hands down.