Which Country has the Most Pet Dogs

country with most pet dogs


In our life many things are more important and are worth for lifestyle, they make our world beautiful .   Many people love to keep the pets of many kinds but the two most pets which are commonly taken by the people living around the world are dogs and cats. What you would like to have?  a dog or a cat as your pet?

The dogs have an honor to be the first domesticated animal and is widely kept and working animal having an ancient history in the human life. However, most dog breeds are hundred years old.It is widespread form of inter species boding occurs between the dogs and humans as well.  Dog keeping as a companion is not a newer trend. However, after the World War II, its growth had increased in various ways like a guard, children’s playmate or a walking companion. we will also discuss here Which Country has the Most Pet Dogs.

There have been two chief trends in the altering standing of pet dogs, there are number of breeds that are being used all over the world from which best five are as follows:

List of Five Best and Most Popular Pet Dog Breeds Around the World

1. Bulldog

Top 10 Countries with Most Pet Dogs

The major advantage of this breed is the ability to catch the things thrown by the kids while they are not energetic enough. They are not meticulous about their residence and where they are placed to live so people are free to keep them either in a small size homes or in the large homes.

2. Beagle

beagle and boy

It is one of the best friends of children as their families but have the high maintenance while coming up to brushing and bathing. Such energetic and frankly beagles are child proof. This kind of dogs have amusing habits like howling that is one of the entertaining activities in the small doses.

3. Bull Terrier

bull terrier

Bull Terrier is many more energetic and friendly dogs having the ability to take plenty of rough house when it is in the calm position. It is quite suitable for the large families because if the children can handle them Bull Terrier never complain too much.

4. Collie


It is one of the most popular pet dog breeds around the world having multi characteristics such as friendly, energetic, caretaker and many other things make it different from many other pets. Although it possess high maintenance, yet it is more reliable breed around the globe. it has a good tendency to entertain your children.

5. Newfoundland


new-found land has natural love for the children, it has been dubbed as Nature’s Nannies”. It is not hard to fall in love with them because they return the favor immediately to humans. It is larger but much loving at amusing breed. It is suitable for the families having the larger spaces for residence.


Q : Which Country has most pet Dogs?

Ans : According to a research made by our experts in 2012, United States of America reported to have the highest pet dogs population as compared to other countries around the globe. the Citizens of this nation love the pet dogs and keep them with multi purposes. here the dogs population is more than 75.8 millions making it the world’s largest country with highest dog population  in the world. Moreover list of top ten nations is prepared having the highest pet dogs population around the world.

List of Top 10 Countries with Most Pet Dogs

Rank Country Total Dogs
1. United States 75.8
2. Brazil 35.7
3. China 27.4
4. Russia 15
5. Japan 12
6. Philippines 11.6
7. India 10.2
8. Argentina 9.2
9. France 7.4
10. Romania 4.1


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