Which Country has the Fastest Internet in the World

Fastest internet in the world


Internet is the advanced and most used innovation at present time due to its thousands of features, its importance can’t be denied by anyone in the world. Its number of users is increasing at highest rate in the world for the various reasons. Because it is the major communication network which keeps the people connected every time either they are far away from each other, they cannot feel alone in presence of this technology.

But in this ever-growing technology era, no one has the time to wait any more while searching for his required information. In the very beginning, the working internet speed was too low , it rapidly increased after 2005 up to now average users have good connections.

List of Top Ten countries with Fastest internet


1. Hong Kong
HONG KONGHong Kong is the world’s number one country for having the highest speed internet as compared to the other countries around the globe. It has speed 63.6 MBPS which is the highest in the world.
2. Japan
JAPANJapan has the second fastest network connections in the world .Its average maximum speed is 50 mega bytes per second.
RomaniaOnly a few years ago Romania was on 5th number but soon it make its technology advanced and through its efforts I came on 3rd number its average connection speed is counted 47.9 MB/SEC.
4.South Korea
South KoreaA PC gamer who wants to play highest quality games on net which are not possible to play on a low quality connection, then South Korea is a best place for those people. South Korea has average Peak data transfer rate of 44.8 Mega Bytes in a SEC.
5. Latvia
LatviaSmaller countries are easy to make a fastest internet network that is the main reason for which Latvia is fifth position in the ranking of top ten countries having fastest net speed. The average data transfer rate for broadband is calculated 44.2 Mbps. Which is more than 140% faster than the global average speed
SingaporeWhen we visit the countries having the fastest internet, Singapore cannot be placed behind, because it is the sixth nation having the fast internet in the world. Its average connections accounted for 41.1 Mbps. many web servers and hosting companies shifted and created their data centers in Singapore due to fast internet connection speeds and best power options available.
SwitzerlandSwitzerland is considered a chief hub in the finance industry which can’t survive without hyper-fast network connection, so just to fulfill this need, Switzerland has the highest  connections which is average 40.3 Mbps.
BulgariaBulgaria is famous for its lowest taxes as well as the cheapest labor which is very fruitful for its economy. According to a report its Internet speed is recorded up to 38.2 Mbps.
NetherlandsNetherlands is the 9th country for having highest speed internet in the world. Its maximum speed is 38.2 Mbps it has increased its speed 15% than the previous estimation. famous web hosting companies belong to Netherlands.
BelgiumIn the previous internet connections speed report Belgium was at 6th position but now it is on 10th rank having the internet speed 38 Mbps.


Q : Which Country has the Fastest internet Speed In the world ?

Ans : Hong Kong has the Fastest Speed connections in the world as compared to the all other countries around the globe.

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