Which Country has Most Holidays?

which country has most holidaysHolidays are very exciting days for working people and also or students. These are also very much essential as if people will rest then they will work faster and willingly and happily. Brazil is the country which has most holidays. It has 41 holidays in total. Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, according to its land area and population. On east there is Atlantic Ocean which touches its east boundaries. The climate of most of the area of this country is hot and tropical. In the central Brazil the rainfall is cyclic. The basic holiday in Brazil is for their most popular and famous and important event called carnival. It comes every year in February before their Ash Wednesday. To watch this carnival many of tourists go there. This carnival is famous all around the world and people go there from the corners of the world just to watch that carnival or participate in it. For preparation of carnival the whole country stops completely for almost a week and celebrations are very much strong, day and night, especially in coastal cities. rhythmic and participation and the costumes is differs from one area to another. In the southeastern cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Vitória, the samba school leads the huge organized parades. Those official parades are intended to be watched by the public; while minor parades which allow public participation can be found in other cities. This carnival is very enjoyable bringing lot of holidays and excitement with it. There is dozen of fun there. Brazil is a country which is full of fun and lot of holidays.offices,schools, universities remain closed.

Top Ten Countries with Most Holidays in the world

so your question which country has the most holidays per year? has been answered in more detail checkout the paid public vacations table for top ten countries with most holidays annually.

Country Paid public holidays Total
Brazil 30 11 41
Lithuania 28 13 41
Finland 30 10 40
France 30 10 40
Russia 28 12 40
Austria 25 13 38
Malta 24 14 38
Greece 25 12 37
Japan 20 16 36
Poland 26 10 36