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Which Country has Most Billionaires in the World

In accordance to the recent Global Economic report in 2014 revealed that during the last year, world’s overall GDP was estimated about 73.98 trillion USD. The report also explained; from all the richest people living in different nations of the world; the top 200 people are having worth of 3.1 trillion U.S dollars that is equal to 4.2% of world’s overall GDP. After this report, IMF expected that the global GDP would be increased by 3.6%. In 2013, Bill Gates was declared as the Richest Man on the planet. Bill Gates have the net value of 84.5 billion USD. Similarly, Carlos Slim Helu was placed on second spot as the richest man of the world. Bill Gates belongs to Untied States while Carlos Slim Helu belongs to Mexico. Here a question arises which country has the best economy and has the highest number of billionaires? Recently CNN conducted a survey that revealed the list of countries having the highest number of richest people.

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10. Switzerland

All the Europe is ongoing to pull through the various debt crises; the number of its billionaires have raised enough making Switzerland one of the richest countries as more than $100 billion increased into their treasury which encouraged its economy.Switzerland’s economy is considered more stable and strong than many other European countries.

9. France

With 64 billionaires and total net worth of $202 billion, France stands on 9th spot in the list. During the last year, the French high court approved a law under which the companies that are paying the highest salaries are asked to pay about 75% tax rate.
Due to this reason, numerous wealthy people are about to leave the nation only because of highest tax rates. Majority of French billionaires are living in Paris (The Capital of France) which is also widely known as the city of lights.

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8. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has countless oil reserves making it a richest Middle East nation and it has long been the home of billionaires. Moreover, it also claimed to have the great population of wealthiest people having worth of more than $30 million of their assets. In accordance to a report by Wealth-X, during the last year, Saudi Arabia reported having 200 of these richest people. In all the Middle East nations, Syria is the only nation where the economy is not much strong, but all the other Middle East nation have seen double-digit growth in their economy.

7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is given the seventh spot for having the highest number of billionaires having worth of $224 billion. It is attracting the great number of foreign investors due to its least tax rates and strict regulations. Number of its richest people is rising enough making it the richest and strong economy over the world.

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6. India

Unfortunately, the last year was not proved to be lucky for Indian billionaires. Resulting from their ranking, and overall net worth decreased by five percent. For the meantime, India struggled enough to handle its economic crisis such as highest public debt, Weak value of the rupee and slow growth. But the appointment of its new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, a great rise has been observed in the foreign investors which raised the growth of country’s wealth. India is reported to have 103 billionaires.

5. Russia

Crisis in Ukraine and the expansion of Crimea put a very hazardous effect on the Russian economy. As a result, IMF decreased its ridges for Russian growth rate from 2 percent to 1.3 percent. But still during the last year, 35 new billionaires were added in its billionaires list and numerous Russians are still making it one of the richest nations around the world. However, the political instability disturbed its economy especially when European Union and United States imposed some restrictions on the Russian Organizations and individuals. According to 2013 estimates, total net worth was amounted $342 billion, and the number of billionaires is 108.

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4. United Kingdom

U.K’s Capital London is one of the richest and financially strong capitals on the planet. And according to CNN report, there are about 135 ultra wealthy people in United Kingdom. While if it comes to only the citizens of London, there are more than 6400 citizens having the fortune more than $30 million which is about 5.7% more than the previous financial year. However due to some critical issues, U.K’s overall Billionaires ranks, as well as their net fortune, dropped somewhat but in spite of all this U.K still stands on fourth spot in the list.

3. Germany

No doubt German Economy helped enough to boost the euro zone and let it come out of various financial crisis. Furthermore, its strength also helped it increasing the ultra rich German people. Its population if compared to China population, it has more billionaires than China in respect of population size. The German billionaires felt their assets increasing slightly during the previous financial year. The total number of German Billionaires is 148 and total net fortune during 2013 were $432 billion.

2. China

According to a recent report, Chinese growth rate got declined but still it is considered a hotspot for the number of billionaires. So during the last year, ten new billionaires were added in its ultra-rich people. Today china has the second spot in the list of nations with the highest number of billionaires on the planet. Still some of its wealthiest people are deciding to invest in other countries and bring their money out of their homeland, and this decision is giving much advantage to Hong Kong and other Asian countries in the form of foreign investment. China has 157 billionaires for which it stand on second spot in this ranking list made by CNN.

1. United State

United States is considered one of the fastest growing economies in the world. America is also famous as the home of billionaires with 515 billionaires and total net worth of $2064. A bird’s-eye view on the world’s overall billionaires list would show America on the first spot as the nation having the highest number of super-rich people. In American ultra-rich people, women are also taking much importance than all other countries.

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Billionaires by Country at a Glance

List of Top Ten Countries With Highest Number of Billionaires
Rank Country No. of
Net Worth
(Billion USD)
1.United States5152064
4.United Kingdom135420
7.Hong Kong75224
8.Saudi Arabia64204

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