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As we all know the fact that roads are fundamental component of any country’s transportation system and most probably they play a key role in interconnection and communication between cities of country. Roads play the most important role in countries economic and social development so they must be of vast network, fast and very much efficient in order to achieve maximum benefits. It is a well-known that they improve transport, they help taking people from one place to another and hence decreasing the economic decline or poverty. China is emphasizing this fact the most that road transport is the base of country’s progress and it enhance other factors too. They connect every institute to other, offices, schools etc reducing the time so its is really key infrastructure. They must be of high standard and should be safe to give human life security with the help of traffic signals, Traffic wardens and traffic signs etc. Achieving secure roads increase foreign tourism too hence increasing inter country cultural communication. They have also a positive impact on education, mobility, help governments to earn toll tax hence generating more revenue, increasing automobile industry sales, help to develop road relevant institutes like traffic police department hence increasing job opportunity and also help people move who do the job in other cities of their respective countries. Beside all these benefits that roads play, following is the list of top 10 countries having largest road networks:

Top Ten Largest Road Networks List (Ranking Wise )

RankCountryRoads in km

Q : Which country has largest road network?

Ans: United States of America has largest and most advance road network in the world having a distance of 6,506,204 km covered by roads.

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