Which Country has Highest Drug Use in the World

Top Ten Countries with Most Drug Abusers

because of high addiction of drugs which lead to sever health issue and Innumerable people die every year. Drugs abuse relates with use, overuse and misuse of drugs. These substances are injurious for human health specially for mental level medical. Drug addicts are caused by analgesic addictive materials that purvey a noisome to the victims. The regular use and failure attempts to stop using such elements may induce a person to be resorted permanently. Sometimes, people turn to drugs to get rid of responsibilities of their life. Individuals who are enthusiastic devotee of narcotics should be delivered to rehabilitation centers for their proper treatment. None of the nations support substance dependence but their inhabitants spread such activities. Some countries strictly forbid the usage of these substances, if someone is secretly caught while he is inflicted by drugs then inappropriate measures are taken for him in form of arrest and legal cases. Some people resort to suicide because of the substance dependence overuse. More young adults use prescription drugs non medically than any other age group.

Ethanol is an intoxicating fluid can be found in hard drinks i.e. beer, wine and liquor is widely used in Americas which causes a smooth flow of addiction. Cocaine is another drug made from the leaves of coca plants found in South America. Heroin is also a highly addictive substance created from psychoactive chemical formed through morphine, an element taken out from Asian opium poppy plant. These are the excessively reactive substances that can take over an individual to lasting sickness and oftentimes death.it is one of the most famous and dangerous part of drug addictiveness.

Rehabilitation centers and hospitals that can made attempts for counseling are essential for the victims to be cured. Some abusers feel ashamed when anyone talk about their great dependence to his friends and relatives. After clearance of the causer from reliance in harmful substances, they should be remained for rest until they begin their normal and independent life, otherwise they can be reverted back to this act. This maintenance can be helpful for their mental and physical health factors.

List of Top Ten Countries with Most Drug Use in the World

Below is a list generated by the whichcountry.co after a deep research from different verified sources  of the top ten countries caused giving birth to the most drug addicts according to estimation of different authentic means. A relevant research has shown that there are almost 22 million drug victims in the North American continent alone. Marijuana, Alcoholism, psychotherapeutic and Cocaine are the most common outcomes which arise a drug addiction. The rate of Marijuana users is rapidly increasing as of 2007 statistics have shown. mostly he drug users age starts from teenage to the peak of maturity. However, use of tobaccos by the teens is declining rapidly according to a survey by samhsa.gov in 2011 which was prepared by Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality.

Highest Drug use by Country Statistics

Country Substance Total Number of Addicts (approx.) Per Capita
Iran Heroin 95,000,00 14.32%
United Kingdom Alcohol 81,3000 13.65%
France Prescription pills 85,000,0 13.2%
Slovakian Inhalants 7,000,0 13.01%
Russia Alcohol 100,000 7.1%
Afghanistan Heroin 24,3000 6.9%
Canada Pot 22,3000 6.4%
United States Prescription pills 192,9000 6.2%
Brazil Oxi 84,3000 4.29%
Mexico Meth 14,1000 3.9%
Which country has the most drug addicts?
Ans: Iran is caused by most drug addicts for the Heroin in accordance with a study on substance dependence.

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