Which Country has Highest Death Rate in the World

Mortality rate is a measure which shows the number of deaths either due to general causes or due to some specific causes in a country during a year per 1000 people. It is different in all the countries Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook make an estimate and provided a list of

death rate by country

Top 10 Countries With the highest Crude Death Rate in the World

Rank Country Deaths/1000 People
1. South Africa 17.23
2. Russia 16.03
3. Ukraine 15.76
4. Lesotho 15.18
5. Chad 15.16
6. Guinea-Bissau 15.01
7. Central African Republic 14.71
8. Afghanistan 14.59
9. Somalia 14.55
10. Bulgaria 14.32

From the above list of countries it is concluded that South Africa has most deaths in a year as compared to all the countries  in the world which is unfortunately its bad luck.

All the information is collected from different resources and above mentioned list was prepared by CIA in 2012. View more info

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