Which Country has Highest Currency Value

Value of currency can be determined from its purchasing power that how much we purchase or buy with a single unit. Economy of a nation is purely based on its money unit. Some famous currencies are as follows:

  • Dinar
  • Dirham
  • Euro
  • Japanese yen
  • Dollar
  • Rial

Kuwait is the country which has very stable and strongest currency unit as compared to other countries. which is very strong, most expensive and stable. If it is compared with other units it will be the highest valued.

high currency value kuwait

Country : Kuwait
Capital :   Kuwait City
Official Language: Arabic
Official Currency : Kuwaiti Dinar


Kuwait’s One Dinar



The Dinar was introduced in 1961 to replace the Gulf Rupee. Initially, it was equal to one pound sterling. Kuwaiti Dinar is the currency and its code is KWD.


Comparison with other currencies



1 KWD = 3.42 USD
1 KWD = 2.80 Euro
1 KWD = 217.97 Indian Rupee
1 KWD = 344.25 PKR


more than 3 decades and continuously from comparison of different countries of the world, Kuwait  has highest value, most expensive currency throughout the world. and it is more stable as compared to all other currencies.

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