Which Country Has Best Hospitals

Every  individual knows the value of top medical care institution  where specially trained staff physicians, doctors or nurses are available and full equipment is  available for care taking of patients until they are fully well and healthy. according to research USA has best doctors in the world so Most people think that USA must be number one for their medical service  and hospitals but this not the case here.  According to report generated by WHO (World Health Organization) in 2000 (previous report) created a list of countries providing the latest revolutionary medical services in their hospitals which ranked USA hospitals to surprisingly on 18th rank which made critics to argue on report that it is out dated. In 2010 WHO again summarized the list for medical services of developed countries and USA again snatched the last spot despite having one of the most expensive and equipped health care system chasing Australia, UK, Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand hiring the top positions. That report was also proved disappointing to USA despite their extra heavy investment in medicine sector they are lagging behind other countries for a respectable spot.

According to latest report here is ranking list of top ten countries with top level hospitals in the world .(prepared by WHO) according to expenses, medical facilities, healthcare system and some of other important factors.

Top Ten Countries with Best Hospitals: List (Ranking Wise )

RankCountryHospital Expenses per Capita
3.San Marino21

Q : Which country has best hospitals?

Ans: France has best hospitals in world providing best heath care facilities to their patients, it ranked on #1 Position according to recent research report by World Health OrganizationAlso See :

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