Which Country has Best Education System in the World

The best education system in the worldAs we know Education sector is the most important sector in every nation’s prosperity without vast knowledge, research and a proper high level education system there is no way to get progress and a nation without knowledge and technology  can’t sustain here in this world. So The governments always prefers to spend a large and heavy amount of money on this sector. A very famous proverb  ” Knowledge is Power” as it defines clearly that learning is a very powerful tool for a nation to make new discoveries and to lighten the futures of young generations.

There are several hurdles in the progress of education systems in third world countries and for this reason they are still backward . from all main aspects for great literacy rate, one of the important factor  is the respect and encouragement of teachers. Teachers should be given much importance and should be treated as valuable asset of the nation, should be given high salaries as well as children get a lot of attention.Without these two factors, an education system of a country can’t become best in the world.

Q : What Country has the best education system in the world 2014?

Ans :

In different nations a large amount of budget is spent on master level universities, different schools and colleges But at present the country with best education system in the world is FINLAND. here much attention is given to promote education sector and a large amount of students come to Finland for the sake of better leaning &  educational environment to attain specializations in the different fields such as law, medical, mathematics, science and technology.

Finland Education System Overview

best education system in the worldCharacteristics and Facts (Finland)

  • All Teachers of schools and colleges have at least master level education degrees.
  • The selection of teachers are made from the top ten percent of graduates, then they are trained for best level of teaching.
  • School level: at least 7 years child can take admission.
  • Every type of student even he/she has much, little or no abilities are taught in same classroom.
  • At 16 years, students can perform science experiments
  • At elementary schools 75 minutes of break/recess time is provided
  • Schools are funded by the state
  • Teachers have same protocol value like Engineers and doctors.
  • Schools have full power and autonomy, parents have a lot of trust.
  • and last point they have confidence that they have best education system.

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