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Which Country has Best Economy in the World


The discussion of our topic in this article is not very special today, it is almost the most common question that rises in everyone’s mind that which country has best economy in the world . Well will sort out our tail by undertaking the factor GDP, the market worth of your country’s goods and the services provided by the country in 365 days of a complete year. The value of gross domestic production dollar is evaluated by the authorities of government or international market rates of exchange. thus the overall gross rapid spending and saving lead to development and prosperity of a country in less amount of time.

As United States of America is most powerful country in the world ,one of the reasons behind his 1st rank in world is due to its power full money planes and GDP. From the table listed below it is clear it has huge difference in dollars from the following china, it has almost double GDP.

China has surpassed Japan as the second largest economy in the world, after the United States. The Japanese economy accounted for 5.474 billion dollars (4.037 billion Euros) at the end of 2010. China’s economy came close to the $ 5.8 billion in the same period. Japan’s GDP per capita is still always more than ten times larger than the Chinese.
Japan was hit by a decline in exports and reduced consumer demand, while China has benefited from an increase in production. Japan was due to higher taxes on tobacco, reduced investment by the government and also attacked the government subsidies for environmentally friendly cars and energy-efficient appliances away.
Japan made the shift today, following the GDP figures for the fourth quarter. The Japanese Minister of Economic Affairs responded sporting the new power relations.
“As a neighbor we welcome the rapid growth of the Chinese economy. This may be the economic development of the region, i.e. East and Southeast Asia, structure. If we are not engaged in a struggle for economy¬† ranking only but we are working to improve the lives of our citizens in that way, “said Kaoru Yosano.
At the current rate of growth, analysts see China about ten years to take over the lead of the U.S. The Chinese economy has been growing at around 10 percent. In 2010 the growth was 10.3 percent. The Japanese economy in 2010 had come from further afield. Economists expect the Japanese economy to grow, driven by strong external demand, particularly from the United States. Following table shows more details about other countries and the top three too that we were discussing above:

Top Ten Countries with Best Economies in The World

here is the verified list of top ten countries with best economies, the data is provided by Central intelligence Agency (CIA) which prepared world fact book

RankCountry US dollars (millions)

Which Country has Best Economy in the World?


USA by far has best economy in the world with US $15,680,000 production.

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