Which Country Gives the Most Charity

Charity Giving

No matter in our society more or less every nation is affected by divergent number of financial crisis that affect the nations. This doesn’t matter if the country is urbanized or a developing nation. Needy people exist everywhere in every nation. But in some specific nations their circumstances are extremely critical resulting from the people die due to hunger, crimes, thirst and many other crises. Some parts of Africa are badly affected. In fact these circumstances are mostly observed in nations that are considered world’s poorest countries. Corruption is also a great factor that is not only disturbing the human life but also damaged economy of several nations. Charity can be given such as the provision of goods and services either directly or with the help of NGOs that are specially working for the welfare of people. There are various types through which we can help others.

Different Types of Charity in Practice

Charity has become one of the trendiest financial and social Aids; here is a list of most popular types which are mostly practiced around top charitable countries around the world.


Educational Charity


This type of charity is donated for the students having different ages or groups studying from initial school levels to the graduate’s level. In these types students are given the free education in the highly reputed institutions of the world. Similarly various types of scholarships are provided just to facilitate and educate thousands of students around the globe. Furthermore students are enjoying numerous financial aids which are sufficient for their educational needs as well as their personal expenses are also accomplished through this help.


Donations in the Health Sector


Health charities are the good measures to facilitate the sick and disabled people who are unable to work and earn their own livelihood to survive in this world. Through such facilities all the people are availing health benefits such as medical services and treatments, patients and family supporting etc. Allocation of free medicine has facilitated thousands of poor people around the globe.


Provision of Food


For feeding the poor starving families in the poor countries, Different organizations are functioning and availing the food donations for hungry people especially in poor countries. In the Flooded areas where the food has shortage, there the generous countries and their inhabitants do their level best to provide the food and other edible commodities to survive the affected areas. Food donations mostly contain food packets, dry fruits, food items such as cooking oil, spices; rice etc, milk packs, juice boxes, dried beans and many other edible commodities. In developed countries proper teams and organizations are maintained for such reasons.


Animal charities


The Earth is not made only for human beings, but animals are also created to live on this planet but human being is also responsible for some animals and survival. There are some animals having no ability to do much on their own power. Most people who take interest in this type of charity are the majority of people who loves the animals. For the welfare and survival of animals diverse organizations are working and providing different services. These organizations can be further divided into the following types:

  • Organizations working for the Pets & other animals
  • Aquariums and Zoo
  • Organizations for the Wildlife Conservation


Environmental charities


Organizations working for the survival of neat and clean environment, nature centers and environmental protection perks are the widely recognized examples common in practice. These are functioning with an aim to encourage the safeguarding and appreciation for the sustainable environmental growth. Furthermore these firms are also spreading the great consciousness to get rid of pollution. Environmental Non-Governmental organizations are spreading the significance of Trees and their growth.


Internationally Recognized NGOs


Non Governmental Organizations based in different advanced and some developing countries are performing their services to facilitate and help the needy people either living in their own country or abroad. These organizations have the primary objective of helping countries and their people. A recent survey revealed a decline of charity giving activities around the globe. But still there are some countries where the welfare of needy people is still given a great importance. The world giving Index prepared a report which showed more than 1,55,000 people belonging to 146 countries are practically involved in this noble cause. Did you know which country gives the most Charity in the world? Today, in this article we are going to discuss the top ten countries that are considered world’s most generous countries that are paying a great role for the needy and poor countries around the world.


Top 10 Most Charitable Countries in the World

Rank Country World Giving
Index Score
1. Australia Australia 60
2. Ireland Ireland 59
3. CANADA Canada 58
4. New Zealand flag New Zealand 57
5. UNITED STATES FLAG United States 57
6. NETHERLANDS Netherlands 53
7. indonesia flag Indonesia 52
8. Uk flag United Kingdom 51
9. Paraguay Paraguay 50
10. DENMARK Denmark 49


Q:Which Country Gives the Most Charity in the World?


Ans : Currently Australia is the country which has donated the highest amount for the charity in the different types.


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