Which Country Exports the Most Oil

saudi arabia flag

KSA produced 10.3 Million Barrels per day. world largest oil production is carried out here and there are thousands of natural oil reserves are situated here. 

From different authentic resources it is concluded that Saudi Arabia is the biggest exporter of oil.
This is an Islamic country  which is respected all over the world due to its holy places mainly mecca and Medina. Its Capital city is Al Riyadh. official language is Arabic and law is purely Islamic.  most of countries get benefit from Saudi government for their fuel needs.

saudia arabia oil exports

In accordance with an estimate held in 2009,  KSA exports 7,635,000 bbl/day.  It has animatedly one-fifth of the world’s proven natural fuel reserves and said to be the largest producer as well as exporter of all the petroleum liquid products.

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