Which Country Emits the Most Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases emission by country


World is stepping ahead in progress by every passing minute and as a result, the living standard and lifestyle of people around the globe is also diversifying. People are working at their best to survive. as necessity is the mother of inventions. World has become more industrialized and therefore natural resources and environment is turning into  pollution due to the largest number of factories and industries around the world. large industries are emitting dangerous toxic gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2)  and carbon monoxide (CO)

There are number of countries which are emitting greenhouse gases through different human as well as natural activities. It is only due the industrialization for the last 150 years. large amount of traffic transport also pay their role in spreading the pollution in the air. according to an estimate the developed countries are producing more pollution as compared to the developing nations around the world. China is considered the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world followed by United states, European union and India.Following infographic is showing the Greenhouse gases emission statistics showing the percentage of different nations.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Country (Percentage)


At current position problem of pollution has become a challenge for the 21st century. whichcountry.co has researched the  top ten countries which are considered most polluted by the carbon dioxide and other polluted gas emissions. largest amount of these gases by means of industries has resulting  temperature rise and global warming .

List of Top 10 Countries by Gas Emission in the Air

Rank Country Annul Co2 Emission
(Thousands of Tonnes)
Percentage of
World’s Emission
1. China 7,031,916 23.5%
2. United States 5,461,014 18.27%
3. European Union 4,177,817 13.98%
4. India 1,742,698 5.83%
5. Russia 1,708,653 5.72%
6. Japan 1,208,163 4.04%
7. Germany 786,660 2.63%
8. Canada 544,091 1.82%
9. Iran 538,404 1.8%
10. United Kingdom 522,856 1.75%


Q: Which country emits most Green house gases in the environment?

Ans : Presently China is the country having the largest number of industries and factories around the world, and it produces thousands of tonnes CO2 gas in the air which is  harmful gas

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