Which Country Does Nokia Belong to


Nokia is a Multinational Communication and IT Company and and the fastest growing and much popular organization. From its official logo it is clearly observed that it is connecting people, means it is paying a major role in the communication sector and people prefer to use the products made by this company. From the start of 1998 till the end of 2012, Nokia was the Largest Mobile Phone supplier all over the world.

nokia latest mobiles

Principal Products:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Portable Information Technology Devices

It also offers:

  • Smartphones
  • Mobile Computers
  • Networks
  • Internet Services

It is also providing applications such as games, music, messaging and media. The most important thing which provided by Nokia is the provision of digital maps and navigation devices through its purely owned subsidiary Navteq. Totally free of cost. Nokia is the biggest cellular company having more than 101,982 Employees around the 120 different countries. At present it is the 2nd largest mobile phone company after Samsung by unit sales in 2012,

Q: From Which Country Nokia Belongs and what is nokia country of origin?


Basically Nokia corporation belongs  to  FINLAND.  From the Sale in more than 150 countries it earned the revenue of €30 billion. The general information relating to Finland is as follows:

Finland Flag

Official Name :   Republic Of Finland
Capital :   Helsinki
Official Languages :   Finnish and Swedish
Total Area :   338,424 square Kilo Meters
Official Currency :   Euro

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